Amplifon Glossary

Find the most accurate definitions related to the hearing world

Amplifon glossary of hearing terms

Welcome to the comprehensive glossary of terms used in the hearing world. From terminology related to audiology and hearing conditions to hearing aids, this resource strives to offer in-depth explanations and insights.

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Comprehensive Glossary: Learn More About the World of Hearing

This comprehensive glossary delves into key topics essential for understanding and navigating the complexities of hearing health. From the latest innovations in hearing aid technology to the importance of regular hearing tests, our glossary offers thorough coverage. Discover terminology related to common ear diseases, learn about maintaning optimal hearing health, and understand why it's important to use hearing protection in various situations. Whether you're looking for explanations on cochlear implants, audiograms, tinnitus, or simply wish to deepen your knowledge of auditory perception, our glossary is the ultimate resource.

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