Adjusting your hearing aids

Fine-tuning your sound: tips for adjusting your hearing aids

Hearing aid adjustment

At Amplifon, our hearing aids are built with the ability to fill your life with all the emotions of sound. You can enhance your hearing experience in various listening environments by customizing your hearing aids to suit your lifestyle through adjustment. 

Advice to set up your hearing aid

At Amplifon the service doesn’t stop once you purchase your hearing aids. We have a follow up process to ensure you are getting the most out of your hearing aids and, if any further tweaks, adjustments or fitting are required, we also have some amazing accessories to complement your hearing aids. 

Aftercare expert support

Amplifon's advantage is its free lifetime support and after-sales service. Better hearing requires ongoing care, and Amplifon is here to support you every step of the way. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids is crucial. Schedule tune-ups and adjustments with us to assess their condition, perform routine maintenance, and make necessary program adjustments with the help of a hearing care professional.

Hearing aids accessories

The adjustment process for hearing aids doesn't conclude with the device itself. Amplifon provides an extensive range of accessories for hearing aids, enabling you to fully experience all the emotions of sound.

  • Hearing aids charger
  • Remote controls
  • Phone & hearing aids
  • Microphones
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Software to program your hearing device

Hearing aids can be adjusted for your lifestyle and the technology allows you and the Audiologist define specific modes to suit different scenarios. Discuss with us today about the amazing software available to complement your hearing aids. Programming your multi-channel hearing aids according to your lifestyle will allow you to navigate any unpredictable noise-related situations more comfortably and stay engaged. Depending on the type of hearing aid, there are a different number of programmable channels which can be enabled in different ways. 

  • Manually: When entering a new setting, a small button on the hearing aids can be pressed to switch between programmes. 
  • Automatically: The hearing aids are able to assess the sounds of the specific environment and automatically switch to a setting suitable for the situation. This is a popular option for people who do not wish to make any adjustments to their hearing aids and prefer to let the aids do the work. 
  • Through the App: Amplifon's smartphone app allows you to connect and adjust your hearing aid from your Smartphone.


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Discover the process of connecting your hearing aids to your smartphone and making adjustments using

Changing the hearing aid volume

Hearing aids today come with a wide variety of features to ensure they work for you when you need them and in the environment you need. Volume control can be controlled through a connected device (with some models) and can be easily adjusted on the go. Our Audiologists will take you through the full suite of features with every hearing aid we recommend.

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In a noisy coffee shop, in a crowded supermarket or even during noisy dinnertime conversations, your hearing must adapt quickly to allow you to navigate and participate in your world.

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We encourage our customers to have realistic expectations and to be patient, allowing four to six months to become fully acquainted with this new technology. Your brain will need some time to familiarize itself with speech and surrounding sounds. Some of our hearing aids are self-adjusting, while others can be controlled from the device itself or through external advice such as a phone app or remote control.

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