Adjusting your hearing aids

Hearing aid adjustment

At Amplifon, our hearing aids are built with the ability to fill your life with all the emotions of sound. However, it is recommended to allow four to six months to fully adapt to your new hearing aids. 

We encourage our customers to have real expectations and be patient whilst becoming acquainted with this new technology, as your brain will need some time to familiarise itself with speech and surrounding sounds. Some of our hearing aids are self-adjusting, some you will control from the device itself and others you can use your own external advice such as an app from your phone or a remote control. 

Changing the hearing aid volume

Hearing aids today come with a wide variety of features to ensure they work for you when you need them and in the environment you need. Volume control can be controlled through a connected device (with some models) and can be easily adjusted on the go. Our Audiologists will take you through the full suite of features with every hearing aid we recommend.

Software to program your hearing device

Hearing aids can be adjusted for your lifestyle and the technology allows you and the Audiologist define specific modes to suit different scenarios. Discuss with us today about the amazing software available to complement your hearing aids.


Other advice to set up your hearing aid

At Amplifon the service doesn’t stop once you purchase your hearing aids. We have a follow up process to ensure you are getting the most out of the hearing aids and if any further tweaks or adjustments are required, we also have some amazing accessories to complement your hearing aids, at Amplifon hearing is all we do.

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