Sudden hearing loss

What is it?

Sudden hearing loss is when circulation in the inner ear is reduced causing hearing loss. It can be scary and so it's important to visit us for a hearing test to assess the level of loss.

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss

It is not conclusively known the cause of Sudden hearing loss however it is believed that loud environments or work places could be the cause. If you believe you have sudden hearing loss you should take advantage of our free hearing test. Our Audiologists will be able to assess the level of loss you are experiencing and look at potential causes of the loss.

Injuries and Hearing Loss

Some injuries can cause sudden hearing loss. If you notice you have hearing loss following an injury contact your GP or Amplifon centre

What to do in case of sudden deafness?

Hearing aids may be able to provide a solution for you, it’s important that a thorough test is carried out to determine which products would help in the instant.

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