Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid accessories for any needs

Many of our hearing aids today come with a wide range of features to help you experience all the emotions of sound. 

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Add-ons for hearing aids

The features don't stop at the hearing aid, some devices allow the connectivity between microphones to enhance your experience. If you find making phone calls difficult we can help with Amplified phones using specialist model phones, so you don’t miss a conversation. We have special loud alarm clocks to help you wake up in the morning before you put your hearing aids in. Visit us in clinic to maximise your listening experience.

Wireless connection

Connecting your hearing aid to your mobile phone via Bluetooth allows you to have a phone conversation with clear and powerful sound without having to remove your hearing aids dramatically improving phone call clarity.

Bluetooth connectivity

You can listen to your TV, radio or MP3 player directly in your hearing aids with wireless digital audio transmission. This reliable communication system guarantees a noise-free audio transmission with no perceptible delay and no feedback.

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