Hearing Aid Accessories

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Hearing aid accessories for any needs

Many of our hearing aids today come with a wide range of features to help you experience all the emotions of sound. 

Hearing aids charger

Remote controls

Phone & hearing aids


Hearing aids charger

Different options to fit your lifestyle

Do you have a rechargeable hearing aid? Amplifon offers you different models of chargers, from those that can be connected to a power outlet, to portable ones to be able to recharge your hearing aids without having a power outlet close at hand.

Remote controls

Manage & personalize your hearing aid

Thanks to the remote controls that can be purchased in all Amplifon centres, you can manage your hearing aids in a personalized way, in the different moments of your daily life. Come and discover in store the remote control compatible with your hearing aids!

Phone & hearing aids

Manage you hearing aids autonomosly

Handling cell phone calls comfortably, even if the cell phone is not at hand, is possible with the cell phone transmitter available in Amplifon centres! And with streamers, you can autonomously manage your hearing aids during a cell phone conversation for more comfortable listening in situations ranging from loud background noise to conventions and conferences.


Hearing aids microphones

Thanks to hearing aid microphones, you can hear better in environments such as conferences and meetings, even in the presence of background noise. Discover the models available in all Amplifon centres!
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Add-ons for hearing aids

The features don't stop at the hearing aid, some devices allow the connectivity between microphones to enhance your experience. If you find making phone calls difficult we can help with Amplified phones using specialist model phones, so you don’t miss a conversation. We have special loud alarm clocks to help you wake up in the morning before you put your hearing aids in. Visit us in clinic to maximise your listening experience.

Bluetooth connectivity

You can listen to your TV, radio or MP3 player directly in your hearing aids with wireless digital audio transmission. This reliable communication system guarantees a noise-free audio transmission with no perceptible delay and no feedback.

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By combining our experience with the latest technology and innovation, our experts will understand your hearing difficulties and advise the best family for you.

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