What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

Identifying the signs of hearing loss

Hearing loss signs and symptoms

Just as the causes of hearing loss vary and accumulate, the symptoms and their effects do as well. While hearing damage can sometimes be physically felt in the ears, it is primarily a sensory loss that affects us psychologically and socially.

First signs of hearing loss

As well as altering the volumes at which we can hear, hearing loss can also cause sound to become dull and muffled. This makes understanding speech, locating its source and picking it out against background noise tiring and frustrating. Difficulties following conversations when in meetings, on the phone or while socialising with friends can lead to feelings of embarrassment, stress, isolation, loneliness and even depression.

Main hearing loss signs & symptoms

Others complain the TV volume is too loud

Whether you're watching TV, listening to music, or talking on the phone, you might think that the noise level is perfectly normal until others inform you that the volume is too high. This is a good indication your  level of hearing is  lower than others around you.

You struggle hearing in crowds

If you are having  difficulty following a conversation in crowds or If you often have trouble  differentiating between who’s speaking to you in a noisy environment this is an early sign of hearing loss.

You can't understand others

If you are  misunderstanding  people when they are  speaking to you, this can often lead to a string of  misinterpretations and can cause  miscommunication between you and those you’re speaking to.

You're asking "What?" a lot

Asking others to constantly repeat themselves is not only frustrating to those trying to tell you something, but it can start to make you feel uncomfortable as well. 
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Controlling Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is linked to a physical condition that initially presents itself in a mild form and progresses slowly but steadily, affecting each person differently. However, this process can be managed through regular check ups and resolved with a wide range of solutions.

Causes of hearing loss signs

Hyperacusis is often associated with natural aging of the auditory system related to old age. This phenomenon, called presbycusis, remains the main cause of hearing impairment, affecting approximately 40% of people aged between 60 and 69 years. However, this is not always the case as there can be many different causes of hearing loss.

In some cases, hereditary factors may play a role, while viral infections such as scarlet fever, meningitis, and rubella can damage the ear, leading to varying degrees of hearing loss. Even a common otitis, which is very common in childhood, if not properly treated, can lead to more significant hearing problems. It's also important not to overlook exposure to particularly loud noises, known as acoustic trauma, which can damage the delicate structure of the inner ear. It's also known that the use of ototoxic drugs, as well as the abuse of alcohol and nicotine, can have negative effects on hearing health.

It is important to know that identifying hearing problems is not easy and that your family and friends may notice symptoms and changes in your behaviour before you do.

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