Other hearing and ear problems

Hearing problems, infections and related diseases

There are many diseases that can impact your hearing. While some hearing problems are more common than others such as Otitis Media, Meniere's disease, conductive and seasonal, otosclerosis and ushers syndrome result in hearing disorder.


Hearing loss can be confusing and scary, at Amplifon we have the experience to help guide you through your loss and find a solution that works for you hearing profile and lifestyle.

Ear infections and diseases

Some infections and diseases are:

Also an ear infection can cause conductive hearing loss, since it can lead to an obstruction in the middle ear. The infection can be bacterial or viral or caused by allergies, colds, sinus infections, excess mucus, smoking and changes in air pressure.

Temporary hearing loss

Hearing problems can be temporary or permanent and can occur gradually or suddenly depending on the cause. One or both ears can be affected, or one ear may be affected more than the other. Conductive hearing loss occurs when sound cannot reach the inner ear. Causes can include a build-up of earwax, something blocking the outer ear, outer and middle ear infections, excess fluid in the middle ear, perforated eardrums, and abnormal bone growth in the middle ear. 

Diseases causing hearing loss

A number of reports have linked hearing loss to several other chronic diseases of note, such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. Another research paper also linked hearing loss to a threefold risk of falling among people between 40 and 69, costing companies billions of dollars' worth of lost productivity, reduced earnings, reduced productivity and increased absenteeism.

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