Tinnitus during pregnancy

Why can ringing in the ears appear during pregnancy?

Sometimes, the increase in blood flow makes pregnant women more prone to tinnitus.

Tinnitus, the so-called phantom noise that manifests itself in the form of whistles, hissing, ringing and buzzing in ears, seems to affect the female universe more. Recent studies reveal, in fact, a greater predisposition of women to develop tinnitus during pregnancy. At its origin there would be the increase in blood pressure typical of pregnant women. Let's thoroughly analyze the causes of tinnitus during pregnancy and the possible remedies.

Pulsatile tinnitus during pregnancy

The main cause attributable to the onset of tinnitus in pregnancy would be hypertension, with a consequent increase in blood pressure, which affects a large part of pregnant women. Sometimes even the hormonal imbalances characteristic of the condition can favor the onset of tinnitus: the increase in progesterone is a typical example.

During the appearance of the first symptoms, it is advisable not to be alarmed and face the situation with the right dose of serenity, which is essential for one's own well-being and for the unborn child. Tinnitus, in most cases, is closely related to the physical state and hormonal changes to which the body is subject in this delicate phase and is destined to disappear after childbirth.

How do I get rid of pregnancy tinnitus?

  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, particularly rich in fruit and vegetables, is of fundamental importance not only to reduce the perception of tinnitus during pregnancy but also to promote one's well-being in this special phase of one's life.
  • The daily intake of at least one and a half liters of natural water and supplements of mineral salts and vitamins that can contribute to one's general and auditory well-being.
  • To promote relaxation, there are sound enrichment devices. Their goal is to reduce, if not eliminate, the perception of tinnitus thanks to the emission of sounds (usually white noise) that can give a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

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