Earwax blockage and removal

How to remove impacted earwax
Last update on May, 24, 2019

Amplifon can help you recognise a earwax buildup by identifying its symptoms, but we advise you to consult an ENT doctor who will address you to the most appropriate treatment.

What is earwax blockage?

Earwax is a kind of yellow, orange or brown "wax", produced by specific glands called ceruminous, in the ear canal. This secretion plays an important role in ensuring the hygiene of the ear canal, cleaning all that can obstruct or interfere with its proper functioning: bacteria, dry skin, etc. A earwax blockage is an when earwax gets impacted in the ear canal. 

Recognise impacted earwax symptoms

Many symptoms may indicate the formation of impacted earwax. It is possible to feel a decrease in hearing, buzzing, tinnitus or even vertigo. Some people also feel pressure in one or both ears, while others have a feel ears full or clogged. Finally, it's important to prevent any irritation, itching and obviously pain in the ear canal.

Earwax buildup treatment

If you identify an earwax buildup and would like to ask for a specific ear cleaning, it is advisable to book an appointment with an ENT doctor to confirm the diagnosis. We strongly suggest not to proceed to removal by yourself since you can not be sure of the diagnosis, and solutions such as sprays or lukewarm saline are not always suitable.

How can you prevent impacted earwax?

It is not essential to get rid of cerumen, whose presence is natural, and beware of cotton buds. The earwax, when it is close to the outer ear, can be removed once a week maximum, especially not going further than the length of the little finger. Pass the little finger covered with a damp cloth or handkerchief in your ears or, in the shower, just let a stream of warm water flow inside.


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