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Home visit services

At Amplifon, we understand that it is not always possible for some of our customers to get to us without assistance. Whether mobility is an issue or you have been advised by your doctor to stay in the home, we can put your mind at ease and help you make the first steps towards improving your hearing health.


We offer a home visit from £39.99

Benefits of a home visit service

You can benefit from a high standard of care from one of our friendly audiologists who will take the time to listen to any challenges you have been facing with your hearing and provide you with a hearing test from the comfort of your own home. For just a small fee, we will come to your home so you can get your hearing tested stress-free. *
We value the importance of hearing health and we believe that being housebound should not limit your ability to hear all the wonderful sounds that surround you throughout your daily life. 

Hearing test at home

  1. One of our fully qualified expert audiologists will introduce themselves upon arrival with their Amplifon name badge so you can feel confident that they are an official Amplifon representative.
  2. We always recommend that you have a family member, friend or career present who is aware of your hearing history during your hearing test at home so we can gain as much insight into your hearing as possible.
  3. Your Amplifon expert will take a look into your ears safely and comfortably using an otoscope to check for a build up of wax that may be affecting your hearing. If we feel that your ears are clear of wax, then we will begin the hearing test by placing a set of headphones over your ears. We will check each ear individually and ask you to respond to every sound you hear.
  4. Once we have established your results, we will share them with you so you can understand the best ways in which we can help to improve your hearing. You can have a look at our ranges of hearing aids and find out what all of your options are. Even if you have no hearing loss or a mild loss, we will be able to advise you on the best ways to keep your hearing health in tip-top condition!

Are you eligible?

Although we are able to provide a home visit service for hearing tests and aftercare appointments, we do try to encourage our customers to come to the clinic due to the additional benefits.
We are limited to the type of equipment we can use in the home compared to appointments in-store. Our Amplifon clinics are home to state-of-the-art equipment that we can use to provide you with more detailed information about your hearing. Not only will you receive a fully comprehensive hearing test, but you can also meet our team at the clinics that will be there to support and advise you throughout your experience at Amplifon. Our friendly staff will look after you and be responsible for booking your appointments.
If you feel that you would benefit more from a hearing test at home due to mobility issues, then we can arrange this for you for a small fee. A home visit charge will include your first hearing test, fitting and delivery of your hearing aids if you choose a solution. Please be aware that every hearing test or aftercare appointment will require a home visit fee to be paid before or during your appointment. 

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