Routine check ups for your hearing aid

Routine check ups

When you purchase a hearing aid with Amplifon, you are not just purchasing a top of the range product suited to your listening needs, but you are also getting the expert advice and ongoing support that make going private a huge advantage.

It’s important to us that the hearing aid is working for you and improving your life. Our specialists continue their role of assistance beyond the purchase and we encourage our customers to call for any issue, concern or celebration! Every customer is different and so a custom solution is the only option to cater to every need.

We will continue to be in touch for the duration of the use of your hearing aids, so please make sure we have your details like email or phone number so you can get the latest information and advice from us.

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Get the most out of your hearing aids

With these simple reminders:
  • Take out your hearing aids while bathing or showering
  • Protect your devices from moisture, do not leave them in damp places like the bathroom
  • Do not leave them near a heat source such as a radiator or a hair dryer
  • Avoid exposing your hearing aids to direct sunlight when placing them somewhere
  • Remove them before you perfume or use a spray or hairspray
  • Remove them during the night
  • Make sure you always have clean hands before handling your hearing aids
  • At night, use a drying cup or Drylux to protect them from moisture
  • If your hearing aid is not working the way it should, it is best not to attempt a repair yourself because its components are very fragile, call us or visit a clinic.

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