Amplified phones

Clear sound quality

Rediscover conversations with loved ones, friends or colleagues with an amplifed phone. With the specially designed phones you can adjust the volumes of the ring or call with ease, letting you get on with the conversation.

The perfect phone for you hearing needs

Don’t miss a call. We have a range of phones specifically designed for people who are hard of hearing. Ask us today about a phone to suit your lifestyle and home.

Amplified mobile phones and smartphones

An Amplified corded and cordless phones will ensure the tone is loud enough for you to hear it when you need it. We have a range of home phones that look just like a regular phone, easy to use and install. Ask us about our range today.

Amplified phones

Mobile phones can be difficult to use for the hearing impaired, our specially designed phones offer a great solution to those who would like to be contacted on the go without a hassle. Ask us about our range of mobile phones that can complement your hearing aids.

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