Hearing aid types

Receiver in the ear canal (RIC)

Sleek and light.

The RIC (Receiver in the ear canal) hearing aid type differs from the BTE by its way of transmitting sound. There are three distinct parts: the case, the wire-earpiece and the earpiece. The earpiece is placed directly in the ear canal unlike the classical BTE. The microphone and the amplifier are in a small box located behind the ear. The earphone wire is used to connect the earphone and the case.The RIC (Receiver in the ear canal) hearing aid type differs from the BTE by its way of transmitting

A miniaturised case


Daily comfort

Powerful performance

A miniaturised case


The case of a RIC hearing aid is thinner and smaller than the classic earloop. It slips completely behind the ear for an almost invisible result. The customisation of the case colours makes it even more discreet, by matching it with skin colour or hair.
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Easy set-up.

RIC hearing aids are easily put in place, only one hand is needed! The casing allows easy access to the battery location or setting buttons. Despite their lightness, they hold perfectly in place.
An overview of a RIC hearing aid

Daily comfort

Optimal listening comfort.

RIC devices have constant Noise Reduction features, allowing the most comfortable listening in various situations. Suitable for mild-to-medium deafness, RIC hearing aids allow you to concentrate precisely on the speech of an interlocutor.
A Granpa and his Grandson discussing about the football match on TV

Powerful performance

Best sound quality.

RIC hearing aids benefit from the latest sound processing technologies, to deliver the most natural hearing experience.
A Granmother listens to her grandson, who's whispering in her ear

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With a variety of different styles and models each with varying levels of innovative technology, our experts are perfectly placed to explain the different types of hearing aids that are available and how the different technology works so that the best solution can be found for your hearing needs.

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RIC different styles

Discover our Receiver in the ear canal different hearing aids styles. Terminology can change from product to product but RIC can sometimes be referred to as RITE.

Switching on a small RIC hearing aid
RIC: Receiver In the ear Canal

Small and discreet, the speaker sits out of sight in the canal. 

The RITE - Receiver in the ear hearing aid overview
RIC: Receiver in the ear Canal

Hidden within the ear, connected to the receiver out of sight.

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