Causes of hearing loss in children

Hearing loss in children

Hearing loss is common in children and the severirty can vary. Hearing is an important part of learning so it is important to pay attention and look for the signs of hearing loss. There are solutions for children in the UK who suffer hearing loss so it is important to see the doctor first to ensure the appropriate first steps are taken.

Signs of child hearing loss

Some important things to look out for in children are:

  • Inattentiveness: your child isn’t acknowledging you speak or sounds around the house.
  • Having to be closer to a speaker or television.
  • Not reacting to loud sounds
  • Surprise when the child hears their name.

What to do for hearing loss in children?

It's important for children who are experiencing hearing loss (under 16) are taken to the doctor in the first instance. The doctor will be able to determine if it is an ear infection or something that requires a specialist referral.

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