Is it time to upgrade your hearing aid?

Signs to look for and benefits of upgrading your hearing aid

Is your hearing aid uncomfortable?

The latest hearing aids are a huge step forward from those of the past. It’s important to check regularly with your Audiologist about the latest development in the hearing aid industry and the technological advancements being made to make hearing aids smaller, more discrete and better quality sound. 

Hearing aids and glasses not mixing?

It’s common for people who wear both glasses and larger behind the ear hearing aids to experience discomfort, Amplifon can help by selecting either an in ear or smaller modern hearing aid so that you can be comfortable wearing both simultaneously. 

Hearing aid types

Amplifon offers a wide variety of hearing aid types such as BTE (behind the ear), RITE (receiver in the ear) and ITE (in the ear) that can perfectly fit your ear’s anatomy respecting your social and hearing needs.

Is your hearing aid too loud?

Older hearing aids were great for their time, but progress has been made in the industry which makes hearing aids fully customisable to your life and scenarios. Our expert staff will discuss the various scenarios you require to be in to ensure the product suits you, we even offer a free trial so you can experience the difference an upgrade would make on your life.

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Is it time to upgrade your hearing aid?

Technology has developed quickly in the hearing aid industry, now we have solutions for many varieties of hearing loss, from one sided hearing loss to profound hearing loss. By booking a free hearing test with us we can demonstrate and explain what technology can help you.

Learn about Amplifon's hearing aid technology

We offer state-of-the-art hearing aids that are a far cry from the bulky and inconvenient devices of the past. Our Audiologists are skilled in finding hearing aid solutions ensuring that you receive the latest and most effective technology.

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