Assistive listening devices

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At Amplifon, we're always exploring the benefits of new hearing technology to make your lives easier and more enjoyable. Using assistive listening devices, you will have the ability to relax knowing that you can hear the doorbell, a conversation on the phone or your alarm clock. Our experts have specially selected a range of amplified telephones and accessories for their ease of use, technical sophistication and value for money.

Phones for hearing impared

Our specially designed phones offer a great solution to those who would like to be contacted on the go without a hassle. Ask us about our range of mobile, corded and cordless phones that can complement your hearing aids.

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Mobile phones and smartphones

Discover the Switel range of mobile telephones available at your local Amplifon clinic.

Cordless phones

Discover the range of Switel cordless phones with features such as answering machines, big buttons and clear sound quality.

Corded phones

Discover the range of Switel corded phones to help you hear better over the telephone with features such as extra loud volume and quick dial buttons,

Earphones, ear protection and other listening devices

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Other assistive listening devices

Discover how we can help with our other assistive listening devices  from a select range of providers TV listeners. All available form your local Amplifon store.

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