Tinnitus and stress

What if the cause of the noises in the ear was stress?

Everyday life imposes on us ever more frenetic and chaotic rhythms, not to mention the upheavals due to the pandemic. Inevitably, stress levels increase and, with them, the likelihood of repercussions on the hearing system. Among these, stress tinnitus plays a particular role, precisely due to the peculiarity of the relationship between the appearance of tinnitus and the stress factor.

The causes of stress-induced tinnitus

At the origin of the phenomenon there are psychological traumas with a high stressful component, but it is also true that tinnitus in itself increases the anxiety in the subjects concerned, establishing an apparently dead-end vicious circle. Surely dealing with the situation with serenity, contacting a specialist doctor and an Amplifon center for a hearing check, is the first step to take for better listening. In the meantime, some small tricks can help relieve stress and, with it, the perception of tinnitus.

Yes to magnesium!

Recent clinical studies have shown how stress tinnitus can have a physiological origin. A high degree of stress would, in fact, cause an increase in the levels of glutamate in the body and the consequent increase in the perception of tinnitus. Therefore, preferring a diet high in magnesium, a substance capable of inhibiting glutamate, can prove to be very effective in treating tinnitus.

Bye Bye stress!

Learning to manage and relieve stress, in the way that we believe best suited to our personality, is an important gesture to make to regain hearing well-being. Physical activity, yoga, meditation, long walks, alone or in company, are excellent solutions to reduce the perception of stress tinnitus and regain lost serenity.

Sound enrichment: tinnitus sound therapy

There are sound enrichment devices on the market, which make it possible to reduce the perception of tinnitus through the emission of melodies and sounds chosen by the user. These devices promote relaxation by listening to sounds, generally related to the world of nature, which, by stimulating the hearing, reduce the volume of tinnitus, giving a pleasant relaxation.

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