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At Amplifon, we take pride in the help we give to our customers to help them hear all the emotions of sound.  We go above and beyond to make ourselves available for an appointment with you whenever you need us most at your local branch.

We understand that the decision to enhance your hearing health can be a long process; therefore we want to make sure you have all the information you need so you can make an informed decision. Amplifon have been helping friends and family rediscover better hearing for over 65 years, improving conversations in the home or out and about, so you can enjoy the little things in life.

A few of our customers would like to share their journey to better hearing with you. From taking their first steps into a local Amplifon branch, to sitting at home enjoying the sweet sounds of the clock ticking, birds singing and family conversation. We asked for stories that were inspiring, uplifting and genuine so we could show you some of our customers who are now living their lives to the fullest with better hearing! Amplifon helps thousands of people a year to hear better in all types of situations, and we have handpicked some stories that stood out to us most. We welcome feedback from all of our customers who wish to make an Amplifon review and would like to encourage you to do so. Every experience is important to us and we are here to listen to you. So please feel free to get in touch!     

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