Living with hearing aids

Go on living your life with hearing aids

Don't let your hearing hold you back, with hearing aids you can continue living your life to the fullest and experience every conversation, every concert and the sounds around you in clarity.

At Amplifon, we will ensure that all the relevant measures are taken to provide you with a personalised solution that goes hand-in-hand with your hearing loss. 

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Hearing aids maintenance

For long life hearing aids, take care of them following our advice: protect and clean your hearing device and ask our expert audiologists for repair and checks.

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Once you have invested into your hearing, it is important to look after your hearing aids, so you can maximise the benefits of your new digital devices. It usually takes four to six months to familiarise yourself with new hearing aids and it is therefore highly recommended by our expert hearing specialists to wear your devices as much as possible throughout this period.

We would like to encourage you to come back to us at any point if you have any questions or concerns, your Audiologist will show you how to care for your hearing aids and will provide any ongoing support and advice that you may need. Whether you need a quick readjustment or require some help with cleaning your hearing aids.

Taking care of your hearing aids is essential to not only to maintain high performance levels, but to minimise any potential problems you may experience with everyday use. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your hearing aids ensuring you are capturing all the sounds of life every single day. 

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We take pride in our specialised hearing care, with over 65 years of experience in hearing we strive to share our extensive knowledge and advice with the UK. Making an investment into hearing aids with Amplifon comes with a reassurance of a lifetime free aftercare and ongoing service.

Our audiologists will go above and beyond to fit you into their weekly diaries whenever you need an appointment, so you can rest assured that living with hearing aids will be made simple and comfortable by our trusted specialised service.

Book a free hearing consultation today, so you can start making the first step towards living with better hearing. You can expect a call from a member of our team shortly!

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