An abnormal growth of bone within the ear

Otoscerosis is a condition when there is an abnormal growth within the ear. It can be common in young people in their 20s and 30s.

What is otosclerosis?

In Otosclerosis the stirrup bone (stapes) grows into the surrounding bones which stops it's ability to vibrate and create sound waves. This means the sufferer experiences a loss of hearing because the brain cannot  receieve the signals of from the sound.

Symptoms of otosclerosis

You may experience symptoms of otosclerosis from as early as your 20s. Symptoms may include:

  • Difficultly heaing low volume sounds
  • Your voice sounds loud to you
  • Finding background noise hlepful for your hearing
  • Tinnitus

Otosclerosis treatments and surgery

Otosclerosis can be treated with a hearing aid or surgery. The best place to start taking action is to book a free hearing test with an Audiologist, we can then determine the level of loss and the type of hearing aid which would suit your loss. We have many designs avaliable which can be very discreet and connect to your favourite devices.

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