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Easy to manage from £495 Affordable hearing aids to make hearing easy, comfortable and suit your lifestyle. Discover more on ampli-easy


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Discreet hearing aids Discover our amazing invisible hearing aids. No longer struggle with glasses and hearing aids causing discomfort, these hearing aids go right in the ear canal. Discover more on ampli-mini


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State of the art hearing aids Smart hearing aids connect and stream sound directly to your mobile devices. Smart hearing works so intuitively that the main thing you will notice is the surprisingly new ways your life can change. Discover more on ampli-connect


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Forget batteries Rechargeable Amplifon hearing aids that free you from replacing batteries. Discover more on ampli-energy

Features and benefits of hearing aids

A hearing aid aim is primarily to provide you with good hearing, but it also has many more benefits. In general, good hearing helps maintain quality of life

Wearing a hearing aid increases independence and safety and it also promotes social life. Finally, since hearing is closely related to the brain, good hearing also preserves certain cognitive functions such as memory, concentration or balance.

Beyond the health dimension, hearing aids today have many features that make everyday life easier, such as Bluetooth connection. At Amplifon, we offer only state-of-the-art hearing aids from well-known brand manufacturers such as Siemens, Phonak, Beltone (ReSound) and Oticon.

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Connected hearing aids

Modern hearing aids connect to your everyday objects equipped with Bluetooth technology such as smartphone, laptop or tablet but also TV and stereo. Thanks to this technology, a connected hearing aid plays the role of a listener: the sound of a phone call, television or music is then directly received in the hearing aid, allowing a better quality of listening and also adjusting the sound appropriately, without disturbing those around you.

Your Amplifon hearing care professional is at your disposal to introduce you to the connected hearing aids and their many connection possibilities.

Hearing aids affordability

Enabling everyone to get back to good hearing is one of our priorities at Amplifon.

That's why we offer the essential range of hearing aids with all key features at affordable prices. Essential hearing aids also benefit from all Amplifon services:

  • Unlimited monitoring and maintenance of hearing aids
  • National technical assistance throughout the Amplifon network
  • 2 years warranty, whatever the brand of the hearing aid

Get your affordable hearing aids and enjoy Amplifon's expertise.

Invisible hearing aids

Thanks to the latest technological advances, hearing aids are getting smaller and smaller for optimal discretion. In an invisible hearing aid, we can find the usual components of hearing aids but incredibly miniaturized.

There are different types of invisible hearing aids that slip behind the ear or are positioned directly in the ear canal.

Invisible hearing aids are usually tailor-made for ease of use and maximum comfort. Their small size, however, limits their capabilities. They are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids eliminate the need for batteries and operates with a Lithium-ion battery.

Placed in a box plugged into a power outlet, hearing aids recharge overnight and allow up to 24 hours of battery life.

Simple to use, rechargeable hearing aids are also economical and environmentally friendly because they avoid the use of hundreds of batteries.

Learn about Amplifon's hearing aid technology

We offer state-of-the-art hearing aids that are a far cry from the bulky and inconvenient devices of the past. Our Audiologists are skilled in finding hearing aid solutions ensuring that you receive the latest and most effective technology.

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