Special hearing aids for tinnitus

What is a tinnitus noiser?


The tinnitus noiser is a built-in component in various hearing aid models. It generates a low level of tone noise to counter ringing or other noises affecting one or both ears (also known as  tinnitus). After a while, the brain classifies the tinnitus noise as unimportant and the tinnitus is less noticeable. In some cases, the tinnitus may even disappear completely. A tinnitus hearing aid can be customized and tailored to each individual, the tinnitus noiser is available in both the ITE and BTE models.

How does a tinnitus noiser work?

The idea behind the tinnitus noiser is to generate noises parallel to the tinnitus noise in the ear. Thanks to this device, the brain is ‘fooled’ by the permanent noise it generates and begins to interpret both the noise of the tinnitus noiser and the ringing in the ears caused by the tinnitus as irrelevant and no longer unpleasant. This may result in the ringing in the ears eventually being perceived as a noise that is no longer audible. Therefore, the tinnitus noiser causes an effect on tinnitus similar to noise cancellation. 

Considering the effectiveness of this device, it is easy to understand why a tinnitus hearing aid can be a great relief for the wearer. Some of these tinnitus hearing aids also come with a dedicated app that gives the user access to a large library of music and sounds. This app allows the user to choose the sound they prefer to hear while wearing a tinnitus hearing aid and counteract the tinnitus symptoms. In a high percentage of patients, these hearing aids lead to significant improvement in tinnitus symptoms and an improved quality of life.

Tinnitus hearing aids

Tinnitus hearing aids were developed to not only improve hearing in case of hearing loss, but to simultaneously minimize irritating tinnitus noises. These hearing aids have a special function that enables them to adapt to the life of the person wearing them in order to counteract tinnitus. For instance, in a quiet environment, the hearing aid generates a background noise that distracts the wearer from the tinnitus noise in their ear.  This background noise is also known as white noise. In turn, the user automatically focuses on the noise generated by the hearing aid and is less aware of the tinnitus noises. 

A tinnitus hearing aid is suitable for both tinnitus with hearing loss and tinnitus without hearing loss. In tinnitus with hearing loss, white noise is generated and at the same time speech perception is ensured. In this way, the tinnitus noise is suppressed by a white background noise and in turn speech perceptionis amplified as much as necessary. A tinnitus hearing aid equipped with this possibility is a great relief for the wearer. 

All remedies for your tinnitus

If you think you may be suffering from tinnitus, schedule an appointment at one of our hearing centers that specializes in this condition. An Amplifon professional will examine your hearing, free of charge, and advise you on the next possible steps. 

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