Hearing loss & Diabetes

Many UK people suffer from hearing loss due to diabetes

Scientists have long suspected a link between blood sugar problems and hearing loss, and now new research has confirmed there is definitely a link between these two increasingly common conditions.

Meta-analysis a super study which pooled the findings of 13 studies involving more than 20,000 people has shown that a diabetes diagnosis doubles the chances of developing hearing loss, regardless of other risk factors such as age and prolonged exposure to noisy environments. 

The latest evidence linking sugary diets and hearing deficits follows earlier clues suggesting a sweet tooth can be damaging. An Australian study of 2,956 over-50s found those with the highest intake of sugar and carbohydrates which trigger the same blood sugar spikes have a 76 per cent higher risk of hearing loss than those who favoured foods with a low glycaemic index that don’t trigger spikes in blood sugar levels. 

US data suggest that as many as 70% of people between 50 and 69 who have diabetes also have highfrequency hearing loss. The findings are a wake-up call for the 3.5 million people in the UK who have been diagnosed with diabetes and may provide a warning sign to around 549,000 who have the condition but don’t realise it. And they are a timely reminder of the importance of having our hearing tested on a regular basis just as we do with regular dental examinations, eye tests and general health checks with our GP. As with many other health issues, the sooner you pick up any hearing issues, the more quickly they can be resolved and the better the outcome.

So, if you have diabetes, suspect your hearing may not be as sharp as it should be, or would just like the reassurance that comes from having a thorough hearing examination, you can book a no obligation free hearing test at Amplifon, a global hearing specialist with more than 200 hearing centres nationwide.

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