How and where to buy a hearing aid?

Last update on Aug, 30, 2022

First step: hearing test

The initial step in the journey towards purchasing a hearing aid begins with a comprehensive hearing test. This crucial assessment serves as the foundation for understanding the extent and nature of an individual's hearing loss. Typically conducted by a licensed audiologist or hearing care professional, the test involves a series of evaluations to measure the sensitivity of one's hearing across various frequencies and volumes.

This thorough evaluation not only helps in selecting the most suitable hearing aid but also lays the groundwork for personalised adjustments and ongoing care throughout the entire process.

What to do in case of hearing loss?

The treatment of hearing loss mainly depends on its causes. For example, earwax blockage can be easily resolved, an inflammation of the ear requires medical treatment, the Eustachian tube blockage can be treated with a nasal spray or the problem can solve itself. Conversely, other situations are not so easily cured: sometimes, hearing is permanently damaged. In this case, a hearing aid can be the best solution, since it dramatically improves hearing ability. Of course, a hearing aid does not cure hearing loss, but it can compensate for it successfully, restoring hearing ability almost completely. 

What to know before buying a hearing aid

The purchase of a new hearing aid is an important decision, which can be quite challenging: in fact, it’s advisable to rely on specialists who, after an accurate hearing check, will indicate the best option for you. It will then be necessary to find a solution that suits your needs and lifestyle. It is also important to receive adequate assistance as you get used to wearing your new hearing aid. Some people may in fact require some time before feeling perfectly comfortable and at ease with it.  

It's important to explore various options to determine which type of device will suit your needs best. Here are some steps to consider:

  • The trial period: many hearing aids have trial periods, which allow you to get used to the device. A good idea before purchasing is therefore to ask for the terms of the trial period to be clearly outlined in writing by the supplier.
  • Future needs: talk to the audiologist to find out whether the chosen hearing aid can accommodate any progression of hearing loss. The average life expectancy of a hearing aid is about five to seven years.
  • The warranty: check that the hearing aid includes a warranty that covers both components and professional services for a specific duration. Some warranties may also include additional services or in-store visits.

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Buying a hearing aid: what you need to know

The first element to take into account is the type of hearing loss you suffer from. Depending on the severity of the symptom, you can in fact choose the kind of hearing aid that will help you hear better. Whilst some people don’t mind if their hearing aids are visible, others prefer almost invisible ones. Just like with any other accessory, you can choose a hearing aid that matches your style, in the colour and size that you want. 

Can you buy a hearing aid online?

Especially if you approach the world of hearing aids for the first time, buying them online is not advisable. Whilst they may seem appealing because of their affordable price, they are often very low-quality devices which work in a very rudimentary way and do not require any type of customisation. Hearing aids are very sophisticated medical and technological devices. Their functioning, their ability to help patients recognise sounds and fine-tune hearing volume are the result of accurate adjustments made by a hearing care professional. 

Should you buy a used hearing aid?

Selling and purchasing second-hand hearing aids is possible, but it’s not as easy as it may appear. A hearing aid must be clearly identified as a second-hand one. More importantly, it is imperative to understand if it is actually the one you need. Furthermore, you cannot really expect to save much money in the purchase. 

Should you buy a cheap hearing aid?

Amplifon aims to provide hearing aids that suit everybody’s needs and lifestyle. Good hearing should not depend on a person’s financial situation. Everybody has the right to hear well. Furthermore, Amplifon’s most affordable hearing aids are equipped with all the necessary functions for hearing all the sounds of life. 

Why choose Amplifon?

By choosing Amplifon as your hearing care provider, you’re choosing to be cared and looked after by qualified and experienced Audiologists who can help change the way you listen to the world around you.

Getting used to your hearing aid

Getting used to a hearing aid is a gradual process that requires patience and time. Often there is an initial rejection of the new device, either for psychological or physical reasons. For example, even the sound of one's own voice may sound different when wearing a hearing aid.

As we said before, getting used to the new hearing aid takes time and perseverance, but the more consistently you wear it, the faster you will get used to the amplified sounds. It is also advisable to experiment with the device in various environments to familiarise yourself with its performance. 

Crucial during this adaptation process are fitting appointments with the audiologist, during which any necessary adjustments are made and it is checked whether your hearing aid is working optimally.

Where to buy hearing aids?

Hearing aids can be purchased at Specialised Clinics like Amplifon, which offer customised solutions that suit the needs of any person with hearing impairment. At these clinics, you will be assisted in every step, in order to choose the best solution for your specific requirements. Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible to buy hearing aids at pharmacies, which sell amplifiers. Until a few years ago, these devices were very popular. However, the efficacy and efficiency of these two kinds of products are very different, especially for people with severe hearing impairment. 

Why buy a hearing aid in an Amplifon store?

Choosing an Amplifon Centre is the best option because:

  • You can rely on hearing care professionals, with all the technological, audiological and relational skills, who will offer you a complete hearing consultation. 
  • They can perform an in-depth hearing check, so as to assess your actual level of hearing loss. By doing so, the specialist will find the best solutions tailored just for you, indicating the most adequate hearing aid for your needs.
  • You will receive personalised assistance both before and after your purchase, including periodic reassessments and servicing your hearing aids. 

How does a visit to an Amplifon centre work?

After booking an appointment at the nearest Amplifon centre (you can also book online on our website), a team of experts will be happy to assist you during your first visit, when the degree of your hearing loss will be accurately assessed, and when you will be recommended the hearing aid that best suits your needs. 

Amplifon Hearing Centre Services

Every Amplifon Centre offers a comprehensive service to guarantee optimal assistance and support. 

The main services are:

  • Free of charge hearing test, including audiometry, otoscopy, etc.;
  • Custom-made solutions depending on your specific hearing loss problem;
  • Customed hearing aids hearing aid accessories;
  • Maintenance and Repair services for your hearing aid;
  • Batteries and replacement parts;
  • Standard and personalised hearing protection;
  • In-depth analysis, modifications and consultancy;

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An overview of Amplifon's hearing aids

Amplifon offers a wide range of hearing aids, including:

Invisible hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids (in the ear) can be placed completely inside the ear canal. They are the smallest devices available and, once worn, they are almost completely invisible, thus representing the ideal solution for those who don’t want their hearing aids to be seen. 

Bluetooth hearing aids

Some hearing aids have settings that allow you to instantly connect to a smartphone through a Bluetooth. By doing so, you can receive the sound coming from your smartphone directly inside the hearing aid: so you can listen to music or talk on the phone more easily. This is however only possible if the smartphone is compatible with the hearing aid and if it’s equipped with Bluetooth technology. 

Rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids, also known as ampli-energy, are really easy to use and practical: in fact, all you need to recharge them is a plug and, in less than three hours, they are fully charged, with an up to 30-hour autonomy. 

Affordable hearing aids

Amplifon offers you affordable hearing aids with all the main features for every day, like the behind-the-ear hearing aids, which are very tiny and convenient. They discreetly sit behind the ear, and they convey the sound into the ear through a very small transparent tube, connected with a custom-made ear-bud. 

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