Smartphones compatible with Hearing aids

Is my smartphone compatible with my hearing aid?

Most next-generation hearing aids which are compatible with smartphones use a wireless system for more comfort and convenience. Depending on the brand and model, you may or may not find Bluetooth hearing aid compatible phones. In the guide below, let’s find out more about compatibility between phones and hearing aids.


Audio streaming without accessories

Smartphones compatible with hearing aids feature direct audio streaming, without accessories - a technology that is a major plus for its users. Or you can download apps for hearing problems and audio transcription to your phone. 

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio

Low-energy Bluetooth is a technology that makes hearing aids and smartphones compatible without accessories, consuming a low amount of power.

Hearing aids made for Iphone

Made for iPhone hearing aids are compatible with:

  • iPhone 5 and later,
  • all models of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad (4th generation),
  • iPad mini and iPad touch (5th generation).

Hearing aids compatible with iOS and Android

As illustrated on the manufacturers' websites, the latest generation of hearing aids, such as Phonak Paradise, Signia AX and Starkey Livio Edge Al, are compatible with Android 10 and later , and iOS devices. 
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Hearing aid compatibility: bluetooth

Android ASHA Protocol

Google's Asha protocol, launched by CIC for the first time, will enhance the audio, streaming and battery life in hearing aids. It was introduced by Google in an effort to catch up with Bluetooth technology, which Apple has already pioneered for its customers.


Hearing aid compatibility: app

It is necessary to verify that the hearing aid apps offered by various manufacturers are compatible with Android smartphones before using them.

For which smartphones is my hearing aid app compatible?

Signia (Siemens)

There are several smartphones compatible with Signia hearing aids.

  • The Signia app is compatible with iOS 12.0 and later, and Android 8.0 and later.
  • The Signia Mycontrol app is compatible with iOS 9.3 and later, and Android 6.0 and later.
  • The Signia Touchcontrol app is compatible iOS 9.3 and later; Android 4.0 and later.


Thrive is the app for Starkey hearing aids. Both the StarkeyLivio Al and Livio Edge Al are compatible with iOS and Android 10 devices (and later).


Resound offers numerous apps for smartphones that are compatible with their hearing aids. A detailed list can be found on the manufacturers' website.


Oticon hearing aids have several apps compatible several smartphones and accessories. You can find all the details on compatibility on the Oticon website. 


All Widex applications ( Moment; Evoke, Beyond, Tonelink, COM-DEX and Remote Care) are compatible with a range of smartphones, including Apple and Android devices.The list of compatible devices can be found listed online at the manufacturers' website.


There are several applications for Phonak hearing aids, including Marvel and Paradise - the most popular models. Any mobile device that supports Bluetooth, Hands Free Profile (HFP) and Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) should work with your Phonak hearing aids.  Users can check on the manufacturer's site if their hearing aid is compatible with the smartphone they use. 

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