Where to buy hearing aids: hearing centres or pharmacies?

Last update on Oct, 18, 2021

The desire to save a few Pounds pushes us to be tempted by well-set up shop windows and advertisements online and on television. Everything is fine, however, as long as it is not a question of taking care of your health, including that of your ears: in this case it is advisable to be well informed on how and where to buy a hearing aid, because a product that is not suitable for our needs risks worsening the situation, rather than improve it. So let's see what are the differences between a hearing aid purchased in a pharmacy and in a specialized centre.

Do pharmacy hearing aids work?

This is the question often asked by those who are tempted by the possibility of buying a hearing aid in a pharmacy, at a cost of a few tens of Pounds. The answer deserves an in-depth analysis that starts from a fundamental assumption: in pharmacies they sell amplifiers and not hearing aids. Until a few years ago these instruments were widely used and in fact the shop windows of pharmacies were full of offers related to this product: in recent years, fortunately, the awareness of customers about the difference compared to hearing aids has increased, as well as the specialized centres that are able to provide customized answers to different needs.

However, it is still possible to buy amplifiers at the pharmacy, which are not harmful tools in themselves, but cannot be compared to actual devices. Let's see below the differences in both technology and prices, in order to better evaluate where to buy a hearing aid.

Differences between hearing aids and amplifiers

The differences between hearing aids and amplifiers are essentially three:

  • Amplifiers are only meant to broaden all sounds, both soft and loud, without any distinction. Hearing aids, on the other hand, are technologically advanced and customized tools for the specific hearing problems of the individual.
  • Amplifiers should not be worn for more than 60 consecutive minutes, precisely because their sound widening function can cause serious hearing damage if exposed to prolonged use. Hearing aids, on the other hand, can be used throughout the day without any side effects.
  • The amplifiers can be purchased by anyone, without any prescription. Before proceeding with the purchase of a hearing aid, it is instead necessary to carry out a specialist visit with a hearing care professional, who will accompany the person in choosing the most suitable hearing aid and will be a consultant available for checks and maintenance even in the following months.

Why buy a hearing aid in a hearing centre?

The purchase of a new hearing aid is an important decision, which can be quite challenging. Hearing health should never be underestimated, thinking you can solve the problem independently by going to the pharmacy. Contacting a specialized hearing centre such as Amplifon centres means:

  • have a specialized hearing care professional available, who has technological, audiological and relational skills and is able to provide 360 ° hearing advice;
  • carry out a thorough hearing test that determines an actual degree of hearing loss, on the basis of which the specialist will determine the hearing aid that best suits our needs;
  • receive personalized assistance before purchase and aftercare services, thanks to periodic checks and constant maintenance of the purchased device.


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