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After your Hearing Test you'll be advised about the best hearing aid for you
Last update on Jun, 10, 2019

If you are looking for modern hearing aids, you can choose between various manufacturers, each of which offers many different models. In total, there are over 1,000 different models on the market. Getting your first hearing aid is an important moment but which hearing aid is right for you? Only a thorough hearing aid test will help! At Amplifon, you can do your personal hearing aid comparison test - for free and without obligation.

Which is the best hearing aid?

The severity of a hearing loss is different for each individual. Some show in a general volume loss - ie all sounds are perceived as too quiet. Others only affect some frequencies, so that, for example, high notes such as children's voices or birdsong are perceived less well. However, around 85% of all hearing losses fall into the category of intelligibility loss. Most people notice this especially in environments with strong background noise, for example in a restaurant or in groups of people, when the conversation can be followed only very badly.

As diverse as the exact nature of hearing loss are the possible causes of hearing loss. The reasons are enough from noise and age to diseases and heredity. There are also very individual aspects such as the shape of the ear canal or if you have allergies to the hearing aid material or the situations in which the hearing loss is perceived as particularly disturbing. 

Therefore, it is impossible to give only one valid answer for every human being to the question of the best hearing aid - for that, listening is different to individually! But without test results, how do you find out which hearing aid is the perfect choice for you? 

Get advice about Smart hearing aids

Our carefully trained hearing care professionals will determine which system suits your hearing loss, your life situation and your needs best before the hearing aid test. For example, a manager usually needs a device that offers a variety of networking options. Seniors in retirement, however, often appreciate devices with a particularly soft sound and high wearing comfort.

To prepare the hearing aid test, we also determine your personal hearing profile in a free hearing test. Based on this information, your Amplifon Hearing Aid audiologist will customise a hearing instrument that will test you in your daily life. If necessary, you can of course also compare different hearing aids, including a hearing aid for free. 

Testing your hearing at Amplifon

The hearing aid fitting includes the manufacture of earmolds as well as the exact setting of the hearing aids of the device. During your hearing aid test, your acoustician makes fine adjustments to the device and gives you detailed advice, such as how to operate the hearing aids. Amplifon accompanies you on your way to the best hearing aid, because only when you are completely satisfied, we are. 

Just make an appointment in your Amplifon store and test modern hearing aids. 


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