What's the best hearing aid for my lifestyle?

Last update on Jan, 23, 2023

Hearing aids for every budget and lifestyle

Everyone has their own passions and interests. While a hearing impairment can make us feel self-conscious in certain circumstances, it should not limit us from pursuing our passions and having an active lifestyle. Here are some lifestyle examples, what are you a lover of? 

Bar and restaurant lovers

Whether you are enjoying a traditional breakfast with the family or a fancy dinner with friends, these are the moments you want to savour to the fullest. So, if you are worried that dining out may be a challenging experience with a hearing impairment, there are plenty of hearing solutions fit for noisy environments, such as bars and restaurants. 

The best hearing aids for this type of situation are those that possess the most advanced technology in terms of background noise removal and speech recognition. With these advanced hearing aids, you can enjoy an uninterrupted and worry-free evening at a noisy restaurant by simply adjusting your hearing aid. 

Concert and live music lovers

If music is your passion, nothing can hold you back. Not even a hearing impairment. The best hearing aids for concerts and live music are those that have outstanding music programs and offer an exceptional hearing range that detects the subtleties of the high and low notes in a tune, offering to the listener a complete music quality.  You will find settings for:

  • recorded music,
  • live music at concerts, and
  • for musicians and singers performing music

Visit the nearest Amplifon centre to find the best hearing aid for concerts and music.

For driving and car lovers

If you like traveling by car to new destinations or if driving is your prefered method of transportation, Amplifon offers some of the most advanced hearing devices with innovative noise reduction technology, such as Car mode, that senses when you're traveling at speeds above 10mph and automatically adjusts your hearing aids to adapt to the sounds of driving. The best hearing aids for driving are the ones that provide a clearer speech signal and help reduce ambient noise in relation to speech. This makes it easier to hear others in the car.

Understanding conversations in large groups

Conversations can sometimes be difficult to follow, especially when it comes to large groups. Thanks to one of the most fundamental noise reduction features, directional microphones, Amplifon hearing aids can help improve your ability to hear in environments with a lot of background noise.

Watching TV lovers

Watching television is a great leisure activity for most people, whether they are a fan of news programs, political segments, or entertainment shows. So, if you love watching but have a hearing impairment, Amplifon's TV streamer feature transmits television audio directly to your hearing aids, without any intermediate devices. This is especially useful for those who need to listen to TV at a higher volume than other family members or for those who watch TV in bed and do not want to disturb others.

Music lovers on the smartphone

The ampli-connect family with Bluetooth® technology, allows you to connect your hearing aids to your devices and stream music, videos or podcasts directly from your device.

Amplifon offers several Made-for-iPhone hearing aids, the most suitable for you in case you have iOS devices; for Android devices you need to check the hearing aid's compatibility with Android ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids), usually found on devices with Bluetooth 5.0+ and Android 10 (or higher).

Why choose Amplifon?

By choosing Amplifon as your hearing care provider, you’re choosing to be cared and looked after by qualified and experienced Audiologists who can help change the way you listen to the world around you.

What are the best hearing aids for active lifestyles?

Hearing aids offer significant benefits for people with hearing loss, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle and are exposed to more risks. 

The choice of a hearing aid for sports lovers is often synonymous with comfort, reliability and durability

Comfort, size, and fit

If you lead an active lifestyle, you may prefer a compact and inconspicuous hearing aid to ensure comfort and freedom of movement during physical activities. In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids offer a suitable solution due to their small size and snug fit within the ear canal. This type of hearing device is a perfect fit for those who enjoy running or activities that require helmets or face masks as they have a more secure hold and are less likely to fall out.

Alternatively, behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids can also be practical, especially when equipped with sweat-resistant covers for added durability and a secure fit.

Water resistance

If you engage in outdoor activities or water sports, it is essential to choose a hearing aid that is water-resistant or waterproof. Many modern hearing aids are described as "water-resistant", able to withstand some exposure to moisture. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for care and use. For more intensive water activities, it is preferable to opt for a "waterproof" hearing aid.


If you track your sports performance or are a fan of smartphones or other electronic devices, you should look for a hearing aid that integrates seamlessly with these technologies. Many modern hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, which allow direct audio streaming from your phone or other devices to your hearing aids. In this way, you can seamlessly access hearing assistance, music and various audio content during exercise or other activities.

Battery life

Battery life is important for people who lead active lifestyles and thus avoid unpleasant incidents. 

The technology behind hearing aids is always evolving and many modern hearing aids now offer longer battery life. however, it is advisable to look at the manufacturer's specifications and explore rechargeable hearing aid alternatives. 

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Amplifon hearing aid families: for every lifestyle

Amplifon offers different hearing solutions that can be customised to your hearing needs, so you can feel secure and confident and keep enjoying the activities that make you happy. 

There is a wide range of Amplifon hearing aid families designed to suit all lifestyles:

  • the ampli-mini hearing aids: elegant and stylish
  • the ampli-connect hearing aids: the line of products that connect to your devices with a single click;
  • the ampli-energy hearing aids: the battery-free aids with up to 30 hours of autonomy; 
  • the ampli-easy: the easy and comfortable hearing aids fit for any lifestyle. 

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