Bluetooth hearing aids cost

Overview of cost types, price classes & financing

How much do Bluetooth hearing aids cost?

Hearing aids do not have a fixed price. In fact, the price varies depending on factors, such as the model, its functionalities and the technological level of the device. Since these are medical devices customized according to the wearer's hearing impairment, their functionalities differ for every individual. On this page, you will explore in detail the price range of a Bluetooth hearing aid.

Bluetooth hearing aids price classes

The Bluetooth hearing aids cost, much like those of hearing aids in general, may vary significantly. Based on their technology, the number of channels available, the sound power and other functionalities, hearing aids are divided into different price ranges. For each price range, Amplifon offers high quality hearing aids, which have been previously tested by our experts with the utmost knowledge and experience.

Basic Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The most basic Bluetooth hearing aids are primarily behind-the-ear devices, which often have as many as eight frequency channels. These hearing aids offer excellent insulation for background noise and advanced directional microphone technology. Hearing aid accessories, such as TVs and smartphones, can also be connected to this hearing aid. Their price in an Amplifon centre start from £ 899

Middlerange Bluetooth hearing aids

Mid-range Bluetooth hearing aids ensure maximum comfort a state-of-the-art microphone for prime speech comprehension, particularly in the presenence of excessive background noise, and up to 12 frequency channels. In this category, Amplifon also offers hearing aids made for Iphone. Their price in an Amplifon centre start from £ 1.699

Premium Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The most expensive bluetooth hearing aids ensure perfect speech comprehension in any hearing situation, even the most difficult ones. Intelligent filters and automatic situation recognition ensure comfortable and fatigue-free listening. Optimal spatial listening is guaranteed even in reverberant rooms or noisy celebrations. With more than 20 frequency channels and seven acoustic programs, these hearing aids offer maximum comfort. Their price in an Amplifon centre start from £ 2.699
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Overview on hearing aid costs

Acquisition costs

The starting price of a Bluetooth hearing aid is £ 899 in an Amplifon store. However, as mentioned above, the price range depends on several factors, such as the model of the hearing aid and its functionalities. It must also be taken into consideration that within this price the following is included:

  • initial hearing test,
  • consultation,
  • initial fitting,
  • after-sales services (free adjustments, revision, and cleaning; free periodic check of your hearing status; free first supply of batteries and hearing aid cleaning products).

Costs for spare parts, repair & Co.

Following the purchase of the hearing aid, there are a few maintance costs over the years to keep in mind. The first is that of the batteries, which will have to be changed more or less frequently depending on the model of the hearing aid and, above all, upon proper use by following the right precautions. Obviously, the costs are not the same should you choose to buy a rechargeable hearing aid.

Care and cleaning is another aspect to take into consideration for the proper maintenance of a hearing aid. The first cleaning kit will be provided free of charge at the time of purchase. Keep in mind that maintenance is important to maximize the life of your hearing aid. The cost of repairing or fitting your Amplifon hearing aid is free until the warranty expires. With Amplifon, this is one of the many benefits which minimizes the post-purchase costs of a hearing aid. 

Hearing aid models with Bluetooth function

Amplifon's Bluetooth hearing aids are included in our Ampli-Connect family. This product range includes Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) and Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids. One of the best Bluetooth RIC models is the comfortable and discreet Evoke Fusion 2 440, with a direct connection to smartphones, smart TVs and other devices. Other relevant features include water resistance and seamless sound processing for optimal hearing quality.

Alternatively, one of the best BTE Bluetooth models is the Ampli Connect B-5, a hearing aid that allows you to stay connected to your devices with perfect background noise managemen while wearing it discreetly. Amplifon Bluetooth models are easy to use, allow you to listen to sound and music from different devices directly into your hearing aid, and ensure maximum discretion and sound quality.

Hearing Aid Insurance

As a particularly valuable possesion it may make sense to consider taking out insurance on your hearing aid. In the long run, it could be advantageous as it will protect it against unexpected costs in the event issues arise after the guarantee period is over. 

Financing options

Co-payment by the health insurance company

Contact our experts, who will be ready to advise you on the best solution depending on your insurance, we are always available at your nearest Amplifon center.

Buy hearing aids in installments

Amplifon offers you the option to pay for your hearing aid in installments, with no interest rate. Payment in installments is very flexible and caters to every need, whether it is for those who prefer to pay more installments but over a shorter period of time, or for those who prefer less installments but over a longer period of time.

Another great advantage is that no initial down payment is required. Amplifon offers you the advantage to buy now and pay later, which ensures that you do not necessarily have to start paying immediately after purchase, but several months later.

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Bluetooth hearing aids free trial

When purchasing a hearing aid, one of Amplifon's greatest benefits is its free trial period. During this time, customers can test out their hearing aids free of charge for a limited period of time before making a final decision on their purchase. Amplifon offers this opportunity as a way to ensure customers of the quality of our devices and the fact that once you try them, you cannot do without them!

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