Uma's Story

Watch 82 year young, Mrs. UMA RASTOGI's story and find out how hearing solutions from Amplifon re-introduced “THE JOY OF HEARING YOUR LOVED ONES” in her life


82 year young, Mrs. UMA RASTOGI, was experiencing difficulty in hearing her grandchildren’s innocent, kind and caring speech.
In-retrospect, Mrs. Uma Rastogi who is now 82 year young, told us that it was her dream to be a grandparent so that she could give all her love and care to her grandchildren. 

Unfortunately because of her age, her hearing abilities were gradually getting worse and she was hardly able to hear the sweet sound of her grandchildren. 

Mrs, Uma Rastogi, did not lose hope and was determined to find a viable solution for getting back the joy of hearing. 

It was through a friend who noticed the struggle Mrs, Uma found in hearing, that he recommended Amplifon as the best hearing solution which could re-introduce the complete joy of hearing for Mrs. Uma Rastogi.

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Deryck's Story


Deryck's Story

Watch Deryck's story and find out how we helped Deryck feel more confident when attending appointments with landlords and tenants aswell as stopping his wife complaining about the TV being too loud.

Deryck started to notice signs of his hearing loss when his wife complained about the TV being too loud. He also noticed that when he was socialising with friends or attending a business meeting, he found it difficult focusing on the nature of conversations. He has to ask people to repeat things and he would consciously turn his head so that his better ear was facing people. He became frustrated that he wasn’t able to enjoy his life from a business and social point of view as much as he'd like. 

"I was guessing what they were saying sometimes. I was just hoping that I gave the right answer"

He noticed a Facebook advert in when his wife first started to suggest that he get his hearing tested. Deryck went on the internet to do some research on hearing specialists and Amplifon was one the companies at the top the top of the Google search.

"My first experience with Amplifon was very positive actually. I booked the appointment and the day before the appointment The Chester office rang me confirmed the appointment that they were looking forward seeing me the following day. When I arrived at the office I was made to feel very welcome. The initial consultation I had with Mr Lambert, the hearing consultant, he was very very professional and made me feel relaxed, didn’t make me feel awkward in any way."

Deryck identified identified a couple of companies, including Amplifon, he booked an appointment with both specialists. "I actually cancelled the appointment with the second one because I was so impressed with the way Amplifon dealt with the first appointment I had with them."

When the Audiologist told Deryck he had a hearing loss, he said he felt relieved and that the Audiologist was telling him something he already knew. He offered Derycky the solution that would deal with the issues he was experiencing.

" I was hoping he was going to give me a large chunk of my life back in terms of the lifestyle I could enjoy on a day to day basis. When I first put the hearing aids in, the change was instantaneous! I do a lot of dog walking and running. The first time I went for a dog walk in  the woods behind our house I was astounded by the sounds I could hear that I hadn’t be able to hear in the previous 18 months to 2 years."

Deryck says that "Wearing the Amplifon hearing aids has transformed my life significantly. From a business point of view I feel more confident going out and on appointments and meeting landlords and tenants to have discussions and from a family point of view being able to being able to watch the TV without it being at a silly level. The added bonus of being able to wear them when I’m out running and walking with the dog and being able to listen to music and the radio, overall the impact has been significant to say the least"

Sep 23th 2016