Hearing aid upgrade and replacement

How to replace or upgrade your hearing aid

The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. There are many factors that you may need to consider when replacing and/or upgrading your hearing aids.

How often do you replace hearing aid?

Here are the top 5 questions to ask yourself before upgrading:

  • Are your current hearing aids functioning well?
  • Are your current hearing aids fully meeting your hearing needs?
  • Are your current hearing aids meeting your hearing prescription?
  • Is it worth upgrading to take advantage of new hearing aid technology?
  • How do you plan on financing your replacement/upgrade?
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Benefits of new hearing aids

Technology keeps upgrading, therefore staying with the latest is extremely important. Some advantages that come along while using a new hearing aid can be:
  • Talking on the phone will be easier.
  • You’ll hear sounds that were missing.
  • You’ll feel more confident.
  • Hearing aids linked to overall better health
  • Less psychological distress among hearing aid wearers

Hearing aid volume adjustment

Hearing aids used to require a lot of adjusting, whether you were talking on the phone, listening to the television, or sitting around the table during a loud dinner party. Many people new to hearing aids fear they will have to account for these scenarios throughout the day, constantly drawing attention to the fact they are wearing hearing aids.

The Solution: Today’s digital hearing aids auto-adjust to your surroundings, minimizing the amount of time you’ll have to spend fussing over volume control. Some hearing aids also come with a remote control, which allows for discreet volume control when required.

Plus, today’s technology allows for connecting to your mobile device via an app to control volume changes, environmental programs and limitless changes to your sound quality! You can even adjust the quality of sound for music and background noise!

Adjusting your hearing aids

Every hearing device needs to be programmed differently, as your hearing function is individual to you. To make certain that you receive optimal use and benefits from your hearing device, your certified Audiologist will utilize several tools so that your devices are programmed properly.

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