Exercising with hearing aids

Can I exercise with Hearing aids?

Having hearing aids doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Modern hearing aids are designed to suit your lifestyle, including sport and exercise!
It’s important to remember that these devices are very strong and robust. However, you can do some simple things to ensure the longevity of your hearing aid.

Can you go to the gym with hearing aids?

Yes you can! When you’re running, and exercising remember to wipe any moisture away at the end. This stops any bacteria growing on the device.
Remember to take your hearing aids out if you are going swimming or showering after exercise. We highly recommend you to use a dehumidifier post your excercise sessions to keep your device hygenic.

Don’t lose them!

If you do take them off, make sure you store them in a place that safe or clip them to your clothing.

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If in doubt, check with your Audiologist

Our Audiologists know from experience of the best ways to manage your hearing aid, we are here to provide support to you so do not hesitate to call your local clinic for advice if you are unsure.

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