Hearing aid adjustment

Best adjustment of your hearing aid

Every hearing device needs to be programmed differently, as your hearing function is individual to you. To make certain that you receive optimal use and benefits from your hearing device, your certified Audiologist will utilize several tools so that your devices are programmed properly, which is why no two hearing aids are the same because everyone has different requirements. 

How to use hearing aids

After a few months of hearing aid usage, you may notice some signs that your hearing aids need more adjustment like fluctuations in the volume levels, high-pitched sounds, and discomfort. To get the most from your hearing aids, you need to have them adjusted, or re-programmed, on a regular basis.

How your hearing aid is programmed depends on your degree of hearing loss, comfort level and other personal considerations.

How to adjust hearing aids

If you are experiencing any of the following with your existing hearing aids, you may consider an upgrade:

  • If there is a change in your hearing levels
  • Difficulty in understanding speech in noisy environment 
  • Your hearing aids are not working as they used to be
  • Your hearing aids constantly whistle 
  • Difficulty in phone conversation & TV
  • Battery life of hearing aid is poor 

Changing the hearing aid volume

Most hearing aids automatically adjust the volume according to the sound around you. Hearing aids with manual volume control has a switch that moves up and down and changes the volume. To increase the volume, simply push upwards. To decrease, push it down.

Software adjustment your hearing aid

Every hearing device needs to be programmed differently, your Audiologist is going to utilize a specialist software to make certain that all programs are perfectly suited to your individual requirements. Furthermore, hearing aid programming will make sure of maximum comfort when a hearing device is being worn.

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