Mike's Hearing Story

Last update on Nov, 09, 2018

Hear how Mike had struggled with his hearing since his teens, but after a visit to Amplifon helped him to restore the balance - and change his life forever. 

Hearing problems meant Mike failed his medical to get into the navy as a young man, and determined not to let his condition beat him, he underwent an operation to ease the problem. When doctors told him a hearing aid would only aggravate the condition in his right ear, he resigned himself to coping with just a device to solve the problem in his left ear.

Mike struggled for a further 25 years. His poor hearing made socialising difficult, and he often had to rely on the help of his wife to keep him involved in conversations.

"We'd go to a restaurant and my wife had to be my ears. I couldn't hear anything that was going on, even when we were talking she had to do two lots of listening. She had to listen for herself and make sure I'd heard it and heard it correctly."

"It had an impact on all our friends and family really, because they all had to make allowances for me."

"My children and grandchildren would often stop and say 'Did you get that Dad?' Or 'did you get that Granddad? 'They knew I was missing out on a good percentage of what was being said. It got more and more frustrating, and that's when I decided to give Amplifon a shot."

You are the thing that matters at Amplifon, and I would say to anybody: GO!

Amplifon fitted Mike with a BiCROS system, consisting of a receiver and transmitter for his right ear with a hearing aid for his left. He says it's been a revelation. "I think my first words were 'You're not having it back, this is mine, I'm keeping this!' It has changed life totally. I think going/to Amplifon was probably the best thing I've ever done."

"When I say its life changing it's no joke, it is absolutely life changing."

"If anyone asks me about going for hearing tests or tells me they've got hearing problems, I tell them to go to Amplifon instantly. It's so friendly, so laid back. You are the thing that matters at Amplifon, and I would say to anybody: GO!"

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