Cleaning your hearing aid

How to clean your hearing aid

A hearing aid is made up of several different parts, each of which will need regular cleaning to ensure maximum performance and lifespan for your device. 

Here are a few measures that you can possibly take to keep your hearing aids clean:

  • Use the micro-fibre cloth to wipe the body of aid before/after use.
  • Wipe the domes/mould to remove wax debries.
  • Depending on wax deposition, change wax guards(in case of ITEs).
  • Use dehumidifier regularly to avoid moisture accumulation.

Please go through the care & maitenance booklet for detailed information.

Hearing aid cleaning products and kits

Cleaning your hearing aids is absolutely essential. And here's a list of cleaning tools provided in the box.

  • Soft brush: For regular cleaning the entrance of domes/moulds
  • Micro-fibre cloth/wipe: For regular wiping the body of aid.

If you still need assistance, please feel free to get in touch with our expert audiologists at your nearest Amplifon clinic.

How to remove ear wax from hearing aid

Ear wax from domes/mould can be cleaned using the soft brush provided or if wax accumulation is higher, wax guard should be replaced.

How often should I clean my hearing aid?

We recommend you to clean you your hearing aids before and after use every day.

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