Ear solution services and support

Get the maximum from your ear solutions

To get most out of your hearing aids, its inevitable that you use the hearing aids for the maximim duration prescribed by your hearing specialist. It is also important that you take care of your device as instructed. In addition, please make sure that you get your device checked at our clinics, and send your device for servicing atleast once during the warranty period to ensure its optimal functioning.

Hearing aid care and support

Free cleaning and checks

To ensure that your hearing aids are working at its best, its essential that your have your regular checkups at the Amplifon Centre near you at an interval of 6 months. 

The session would majorly include:

  • A test of all hearing aid components 
  • A thorough cleaning of each hearing aid
  • A check for the proper fit 
  • An inspection of the ear, to check for the presence of any earwax plugs

Amplifon: you hearing in the best hands

Consulting with your personal audiologist at regular intervals is as important as seeing your optician. An interaction with your hearing specialist is also an opportunity to get your hearing device checked , and update yourself on the recent advances in the world of hearing aids.

Free fitting and adjustments

Your hearing specialist will be at your service for all aid adjustments, and to ensure that you have the most pleasant hearing experience in all situations.

Re-testing your hearing

At Amplifon, we ensure that while servicing your hearing device, we re-evaluate your hearing health. This is important as this helps us keep tab on your hearing, as it may change over time.


Your hearing device comes with upto 4 years of warranty (depending on your device). Be sure, that you are well informed of the warranty of your hearing device. In case you need any further clarity, feel free to get in touch withy your hearing specialist.

National support

Moving to another city or State? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. With our vast network of clinics spread all over the country, we can help you out from any state you may need. Please get in touch with your hearing specialist for further support.

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