Amplifon’s hearing aid prices

How much do hearing aids cost?

At Amplifon we have over 70 years experience in specialised hearing care and we aim to provide all our customers with hearing aids to suit their budget. 

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles

Across all our ranges, there are various styles of hearing aids designed to suit all types of hearing loss, from custom-made to discrete behind-the-ear options. Our prices are dependent on the level of technology built into our hearing aids, not necessarily the size of them. Flexible payments options such as no-cost EMI are available to explore with us.
Our hearing aids have a proven track record to improve a person’s quality of life. We are confident in the advanced technology our hearing aids provide and we will go above and beyond to ensure we find the right solution for you.

How do I benefit from Amplifon?

We are an independent audiology service provider with access to a range of leading hearing aid manufacturers. Here at Amplifon, we put our customers at the centre of everything we do. We believe in giving personalised services, making ourselves available to you whenever you may need us. Our audiologists are experts in their field and are committed to providing a service like no other. Our Centre for Research and Studies aims to promote clinical research and disseminate advances in the area of Audiology.

Up to 4 years warranty

To give you some peace of mind, our hearing aids come with a two to four year manufacturers’ warranty on selective ranges. We can guarantee peace of mind should your hearing aid require manufacturers’ repair at any point within the warranty time frame.

Expert advice and support

Finding the right solution for your hearing is important to us, with a free, no obligation hearing test by one of our highly qualified Audiologists. They will be able to recommend the most suitable hearing aids for your hearing loss and lifestyle, choosing from our wide range of devices.


Hearing aids are a worthwhile investment which can change your daily life. It is important to get your hearing assessed completely so we can accurately recommend a suitable solution which fits your lifestyle and budget.

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In-Store Trial

You can also get a FREE in-store trial which gives you the opportunity to give the hearing aids you desire a test drive before committing to a decision! We also give at-home trials of our advanced hearing aids if you would like to try them in the comfort of your home. (T&C apply)

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Whether you occasionally miss what people say in conversation or have problems on a regular basis, if you feel you may have a hearing loss then don’t delay! You can take a FREE* consultation and discuss our hearing aid prices with one of our trained audiologists in your local Amplifon clinic.

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