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By choosing Amplifon as your hearing care provider, you’re choosing to be cared and looked after by qualified and experienced Audiologists who can help change the way you listen to the world around you. If you’ve just started to notice changes in your hearing, Amplifon will be here for you every step of the way.

Our solutions

We take the time to understand your hearing health and the impact it’s having on your lifestyle and the people dear to you. Our solutions are designed just for you, so you feel comfortable wearing and using your hearing solution everyday to ensure you stay connected.

As a part of the Amplifon experience, you’ll benefit from exclusive services, free hearing checks and a no obligation in-store trial. We welcome you to take the opportunity to try our hearing aids and experience how hearing aids can improve your quality of life.

The difference Amplifon can make

  • Amplifon helps customers in over 29 countries across 11,000 hearing centres worldwide.
  • We have over 70 years of experience in helping people to hear better.
  • Our qualified Audiologists provide expert advice; have access to the latest digital hearing aid technology from leading manufacturers.
  • You can expect to receive a personalised experience that's tailored just for you, as well as accessing a wide range of options to suit your budgets and needs.
  • Providing hearing solutions and support across a network with over 225 stores across India. If you’re experiencing hearing difficulties, you won’t be far away from one of our stores where you can find expert help and advice from qualified Audiologists.
  • If getting to us is difficult, home visits are available and we’ll visit you in the comfort of your own home.
  • We provide free hearing assessments where our highly qualified Audiologists will spend a great deal of time understanding your hearing problems so they can help and advise you in the best possible way with a personalised hearing solution just for you.
  • Affordable hearing aids.
  • We offer a wide range of services and benefits and lifetime aftercare, at no extra cost. By caring for you and looking after your hearing needs through our lifetime aftercare programme, we can ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit from you hearing solution. Our aftercare programme includes servicing your hearing aids and regular reassessments giving us the opportunity to ensure you’re enjoying every emotion of sound.

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