Ear problems and diseases

Our hearing solution for the most common symptoms

Our hearing health can tell us a lot about any underlying ear problems or hearing conditions we may have, whether it be an easily treatable ear infection or other hearing diseases or issues.

Hearing issues and conditions

Being able to identify ear diseases and symptoms, from treating a common earache at home, to contacting a healthcare professional to address unusual noises in your ear, such as tinnitus, can help you find the right treatment and care for your specific hearing issues. 

Otitis: how to treat it best?

Otitis is an infection that commonly takes place in the middle ear and is therefore known as Otitis Media. However, it can also form in the external ear canal (Otitis Externa) and deep inside the ear (Labyrinthitis).

The inflammation causes a redness or swelling to the affected part of the ear which can result in ear ache and a high temperature.

The symptoms of Otitis tend to lessen after a few days and should clear up relatively quickly. If the condition doesnot get better after a few days it is important to seek medical advice.

Hypoacusis: the hearing loss

Hyperacusis is a hearing condition that affects how you perceive sound, particularly a heightened sensitivity to sounds that are not usually an issue for others.

Labyrinthitis: what is it?

Labyrinthitis is an inner ear viral infection, where you can typically experience feelings of vertigo and dizziness. It occurs when the labyrinth - a delicate structure deep within the ear - becomes inflamed, often as a result of exposure to another more common viral illness such as a cold or flu.

Tinnitus: the ringing in the ear

Tinnitus, or ringing in your ear, is a common problem affecting about 15-20% of people. It is more commonly experienced by older adults and can be a source of discomfort.

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