Newest technology in hearing aids

Technology hearing aid

Technology has revolutionized the hearing aids industry much like our everyday lives. Today, the devices that help hearing loss are extremly simple and convenient. Amplifon carries the latest and technolgically advanced in hearing aids available in the market along with a team of expert Audiologists to help you find a solution to suit your lifestyle & budget.

Innovative wearable hearing technology

Today, we have a variety of hearing aids from different manufacturers, to suit specific hearing needs of our customers. Our solutions are discrete, easy to use and comfortable. Technology plays a crutial role in making these hearing aids smaller, more powerful with the feature of rechargeability.

Intelligent sound management

There is an intelligent processor in hearing aids that makes it possible for the customer to focus on speech, regardless of the sound situation and the origin of the sound. Digital filters help reduce background noises, hence making it a  comfortable hearing experience for the user.


Some hearing aids offer built-in batteries which are rechargeable. These can be placed for charging during the night, hence giving your hearing aids a full day of charge while also making them travel friendly.


With the feature of Bluetooth compatibility, you can connect your hearing aids to additional devices to amplify sound for optimal listening quality. With contemporary designs and the latest technology you can connect to the Smartphone or TV directly.

Water resistant

Some of hearing aids today come with waterproofing and sealing techniques to ensure permanent protection of essential components and are more resistant to splashing water, perspiration, moisture and even dust.

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