Best apps for people who are deaf and for audio transcription

Last update on Jun, 20, 2022

The many hearing aid apps created have made it increasingly easier for people with hearing disorders to fully live their daily lives. In fact, many technologies have been developed keeping in mind disorders such as tinnitus. Audio transcriptions as well as volume amplification are a valuable and handy asset to ensure that every single detail of what is said is being heard.

Best audio transcription apps

There are several audio transcription apps that can help people with hearing impairments. These apps make it possible to read transcripts of what is being said in real time and, thanks to its accuracy, make conversation easier and more accessible.

Transcription app for Android and iPhone

AVA: transcription of dialogues and conversations

The instant transcription app Ava provides accurate and real-time captioning of any conversation. Accessible at any time, even offline, it makes it easy to communicate in any situation and with multiple people at the same time. When speaking with friends, each user's transcript is characterized by a specific color.

Otter: real-time audio and video transcription

Otter app is an audio transcription application that creates subtitles of any conversation in real time. It can be used both in person and in various online situations, such as business meetings or distance learning classes. The app saves the transcript of the conversation, allowing you to re-read and expand on what was communicated.

Rogervoice: the phone call with subtitles

The Rogervoice app instantly transcribes all phone calls, allowing users to manage each call without difficulty. This app can be a great support for the hearing impaired or those who suffer from hearing loss, allowing them to communicate via phone completely independently.
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Exclusive Android transcription apps

Google Live Transcribe: the leading app

Google Live Transcribe is an audio transcription app that automatically generates subtitles for every conversation. It was created to help people with hearing impairments in their everyday life. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play and used offline, if the function for the selected language is present in the app itself.

Speechnotes – Speech To Text Notepad 

Speechnotes - Speech to Text Notepad - is a free tool directly usable on Chrome browser, no need to download any application to use it. It allows you to transcribe any audio with high accuracy in real time, guaranteed by the effective Google speech recognition system.

Exclusive Iphone iOS transcription apps

Live Transcribe for iOS: Transcriptions on Iphone

Apple has developed its own audio transcribing app, free and accessible to all: Live Transcribe iOS is intuitive and easy to use; you can improve the readability of text by enlarging the characters or turning on dark mode. It also allows you to save subtitles directly on the Notes app of your iPhone.

Smart Recorder: precise transcription of the voice

Smart Recorder is a voice recording app that allows unlimited recordings of all conversations. You can easily navigate the app, reply and save named recordings for easy retrieval. If you decide to purchase the app, you can also use the automatic transcription function.

Apps for automatic subtitles

There are also many apps for automatic subtiles, available in various languages, for video content you watch on your smartphone or tablet. They work by simply connecting to the microphone of the device in use. It is a tremendously useful tool for people with hearing impairments as it allows them to understand what is going on in videos by reading the subtitles, which contain not only dialogue but also, in some cases, short descriptions of sounds.

Among the best apps for Android are Autocap and's CaptionGenerator, the latter of which is completely free. As for iOS, MixCaption and Caption This  are excellent apps for video subtitles. Lastly, YouTube has integrated the automatic subtitles feature which is available in multiple languages.

Best apps for people with tinnitus

A handful of apps have been specifically designed to help those suffering from tinnitus. Two different types have been developed thus far: those that reduce background noise and those that help people get used to it. These apps, however, are not an actual cure for tinnitus, but can be of use to treat this ear disorder.

Apps for hiding or reducing background noise

Some tinnitus apps are designed to help mask or reduce background noise by generating sounds. Among these, the most relevant are myNoise and NatureSpace. Both are free and available for Android and iOS.

Apps for the control and acceptance of tinnitus

Other tinnitus apps are based on the concept of sound acclimatization, a process to adjusts to a change in its environment tinnitus. They do not cure tinnitus but help treat it. The most prominent are Quieten and OTO - Tinnitus Relief and Therapy. Both are available for both Android and iOS.

Apps for amplifying and turning up the volume

Many apps have also been developed to amplify the volume of your hearing device. These are of great help to people with moderate and mild hearing loss. These include EarMachine (for iOS), Max Volume Booster and Sound Amplifier (both for iOS and Android). An excellent alternative to apps are Amplifon amplified devices.

New Google AR glasses with simultaneous translator and transcriber

Finally, Google is designing smart glasses, based on augmented reality, that will be able to instantly translate and transcribe conversations, generating subtitles which will be displayed to the speaker through the lenses. These devices wil be a huge aid for people with hearing impairments, as they will one day be able to read conversations through the glasses themselves.

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