What are the best headphones to use with hearing aids?

Headphones for people with hearing aids
Last update on May, 31, 2021

Headphones and hearing aids: can I wear both?

For all hearing-impaired people who use a hearing aid, finding the most suitable model of amplified headphones can be difficult and a time-consuming process. But there are special headphone systems for wireless hearing aid users that allow you to increase the volume of the TV, radio or smartphone so that the sound wraps around the ear and gets enhanced, allowing the wearer to enjoy all forms of entertainment in a clear and understandable way. 

How to choose the right headphones for your hearing aids

Not all solutions are suitable for you: depending on the way you use them and the type of hearing loss you have, different models of headphones are available for you to choose from. 

For in the ear (ITE) hearing aids

The In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are small, light and almost invisible and have the receiver positioned inside the ear canal.  Under-chin radio headsets may be the ideal solution for those who use ITE hearing aid. They can be connected via Bluetooth to your computer, TV, radio or smartphone without wires, so you can move around freely. Also, there are under-chin headphone models where sound is transmitted directly to the hearing aids. 

For behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids

The behind-the-ear hearing aids are indicated for medium to severe hearing sensitivity and are placed behind the ear conveying the sound inside the ear canal via a transparent tube connected to an earphone. For this type of hearing aid, the best solution is over-the-ear headphones which cover the ears completely: they enhance the sounds of the TV or hi-fi system, are wireless and easy to use. 

For receiver in the ear canal (RIC) hearing aids

The RIC hearing aid is positioned inside the ear canal and has the receiver covered with a silicone dome.  It is best to transform the RIC hearing aids into headphones: to do this, an additional device is used which provides a wireless connection to the TV or smartphone via radio or Bluetooth to the hearing aids. In addition, TV hearing amplifiers or induction straps are specially made for hearing aid wearers and can prove to be easy alternatives. 

Do I need different headphones to listen to music, watch TV or make calls?

Listening to TV with a hearing aid is a different requirement than having to manage calls every day from your smartphone. To be able to choose from a wide range of different headphones will allow you to benefit even more from your hearing aid. 

Which is better, wireless or Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth headphones use wireless technology to connect to a device near you, such as a TV, PC or smartphone. They work best if you stay within 10 meters from the device you are connected to and are very convenient for making calls, listening to music and using them while outdoors. 

Wireless headphones are of two different types: infrared, not used nowadays, and radio frequency (RF). In both cases, this type of headset needs a receiver connected to the receiving device to be used. They are the ideal solution if you want to use them at home, perhaps to watch a movie on TV or play video games. 

How to fix echo problems?

Interference in the headphones can be caused by other electrical appliances that are in close proximity, such as computers and smartphones. The best solution is to remove them or to keep the headphones away from other electronic devices or, if you are wearing a hearing aid, get them checked to verify that they work properly with the headphones. 

Hearing aids, headphones and music: tips and solutions

Using an equaliser

Connecting an equalizer to the headphones to listen to music allows you to adjust the sound level at different frequencies, increasing its quality and clarity.

Bluetooth technology in hearing aids

Bluetooth hearing aids  can connect to smartphones, stereos and TVs easily and allow you to listen at excellent quality, as if you were wearing always headphones.

Hearing aids with "music" function

Hearing aids do not prevent you from listening to music at all. In the contrary, some come with specific music programs and can be adjusted to bring out different aspects of the sound. 

Can I use headphones as a hearing aid?

No, it is not possible, by the way thanks to the amplified headphones, it is possible to isolate external noises, improve the listening quality and listen well and independently to music, TV and calls. 

Can I use Apple AirPods as hearing aids?

The AirPods can function as hearing aids thanks to the Live Listen function which uses the iPhone as a microphone, captures the sound and reduces the noise and then sends it to the AirPods.

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