The Exclusive Amplifon App

The Amplifon application for each smartphone

The Amplifon App allows you to quickly and easily adjust the functions of your hearing aid, so you can optimise your hearing in diverse situations. At Amplifon we believe that technology should be as straightforward as possible to be of practical help in your everyday life.

Thanks to the new App you can:

  • Check the volume of your hearing aid and choose between different listening programs * .
  • Access advanced features like noise reduction, wind reduction and focus on speech.
  • Receive real-time data on the daily use of Amplifon products to optimize their benefit.
  • Follow the instructions for cleaning and changing the battery.
  • Find the Amplifon clinic closest to you.
  • Book an appointment directly with the App.

The Amplifon App is available for IOS and Android devices. Download it from the App Store or from Google Play !

For any other information on app release you can click here.

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