Compare the features of the best hearing aids

How to choose the right one?
Last update on Dec, 15, 2021

What is the best hearing aid for you?

How do you choose the best hearing aid? There is no absolute best since the perfect match is the one that suits you best. Are you on the lookout for one? Find out which features suit your needs and what are the best hearing aids on the market.

What are the best hearing aid features?

Hearing aids have become real computers. The technology behind it, including wireless and directional microphones, enhances the listening experience. By utilizing these and other brand new features, the devices analyze sound and return it in the best way possible. There is no longer a need for cables and headphones since Bluetooth technology ensures an excellent TV listening experience.

With a recharge time of less than three hours, the devices guarantee up to 30 hours of autonomy. They are also very practical because they can be recharged using a simple power bank. However, the most important aspect is that you will be able to enjoy the sounds fully: you can easily adjust the volume according to the situation, and you will have access to the app for optimum listening.

Directional microphone

The microphone is capable of orienting the sound. By using an amplification mechanism, you can listen at a distance while focusing your attention.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition enables the wearer's voice to be recognized and processed for better interaction with the device.


It consists of a copper wire wrapped around a piece of metal that receives and conducts the electromagnetic signal; it converts magnetic energy into electrical energy, which then can be amplified into a higher-quality reproduction signal from the cochlear implant or device.

Noise reduction

The new features allow us to reduce background noise, which means our devices will be able to improve listening and interaction during conversations.

Variable programming

Different situations call for different listening programs: each device offers multiple listening programs to ensure the best listening experience. Take advantage of these opportunities to enjoy a phone call, a conversation with friends, a concert, or a movie.

Connectivity to a dedicated app

With Amplifon, you can manage and adjust the device's functions through an app. This allows you to control the volume, reduce noise and wind, and concentrate on your speech.

Acoustic isolation

Each device provides sound insulation, so background noises are minimized.

Acoustic-motion sensors

Acoustic motion sensors are built into some devices. As a result of this feature, the device can capture the conversation and also reproduce the sounds of the environment in a natural manner; you are able to focus on speech without losing the surrounding noises.

Directly stream audio from your devices

Your digital hearing aids will be able to connect to apps through this feature, allowing you to stay connected to your devices and the surrounding environment at all times. Our hearing aids are compatible with both iOS and Android devices

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