Lost your hearing aid? 5 tips to follow on how to proceed

Last update on Feb, 03, 2021

Losing the hearing aid is a common occurrence

Hearing aid wearers consider their hearing aids to be as much a part of their bodies as a pair of prescription glasses, without which they cannot see properly. That's why forgetting to wear your hearing aid before going out or on an particularly important date can be seen as quite unlikely. The reality is that the opposite is true as losing a hearing aid is a common occurrence. Losing a hearing aid can be quite frustrating and uncomfortable, however the discomfort experienced in these circumstances is quite bearable and the important thing to remember is not to let yourself get overwhelmed by this discomfort. Instead, there are five tips on what to handle the incident of losing your hearing aid with the care and calm it deserves.

Avoid blaming yourself too much

It is useless to wonder what could or could not have been done to avoid losing the hearing aid, because it happened and it is important not to blame yourself too much. On the contrary, it is best to try to retrace your steps (your movements, your actions, the places visited) to try to remember any useful clues to find the lost device.

Don't buy a new hearing aid immediately

Although it may seem counterintuitive, hearing experts suggest to wait a few days before buying a replacement hearing aid as the lost device may be found.

Contact your audiologist

As mentioned in the previous point, when losing your hearing aid, it is important to contact your hearing care professional to discuss the problem and find a solution together. They may be able to offer you a temporary device until the lost device is found or a new one is purchased.

Report the loss

If your first attempts to find your hearing aid are unsuccessful, make sure to report the loss of your medical device to the authorities. All hearing aids fall into this category and are registered according to a numerical sequence. By reporting it, it can be returned to you in case the device is found by a third party.

If your hearing aid is insured, request a replacement

If your hearing aid is insured, you can request a new one from the center where you purchased it. Hearing aid insurance can also protect you in case of theft or loss of the device. To request a new device, you must bring with you: the police report, the documentation related to the insurance on the lost device and your identification documents.

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