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What are the best hearing aids on the market?

With the rapid evolution of technology, hearing aids have also made great strides. Major improvements include more customisation options, advanced charging modes and the most natural sound quality possible. These are all features of top quality hearing aids.

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What are top of the range hearing aids?

Amplifon hearing aids are divided into three categories distinguished by price range and technology used: Basic, Comfort and Premium. As you go up a level, technological innovation and sound perfection increase. The Premium range currently includes the best hearing aids.

Who needs top quality hearing aids?

Several factors should be considered when choosing the ideal hearing aid, including the patient lifestyle, type of hearing loss and needs. The high levels of performance of premium hearing aids can offer more options and adjustable settings, thus satisfying the most difficult listening situations. Only an experienced hearing care professional can guide you in choosing the right model and technology for your daily life.

Different degrees of hearing loss

There are three degrees of hearing loss: conductive, sensorineural and mixed. While conductive is usually treatable, the latter two kinds of hearing loss require hearing aids as they are caused by aging, genetic factors or specific diseases. Premium devices are not necessarily related to severe hearing loss as much as they are for patients who need maximum hearing quality even in complex situations.

Features of the best hearing aids

The best hearing aids are equipped with particularly sophisticated technology. Among the most innovative features you can find directional microphones, which move 360 degrees and are able to pick up all sounds in the surroundings, or smart filters, which automatically recognize the situation and set up the most suitable listening.

Advantages of top quality hearing aids

Top quality hearing aids offer five main benefits:

  1. Binaural processing of sounds using Bluetooth, for perfect localisation of the voice.
  2. High number of channels and digital processing bands, for more natural sounds.
  3. Wider band, to improve speech understanding and reduce listening effort.
  4. Smart programs and functions, to automatically adapt to the situation.
  5. Direct connectivity with smartphones, to adjust the device remotely and use it as a wireless headset.

Perfect listening quality in every situation

Thanks to the most innovative technologies, premium devices can ensure perfect listening quality in every situation, even the most difficult ones: when you are in traffic, when people are talking to you from behind or from the side, when it is windy or the place is particularly noisy.

The main technical features

Depending on price, premium hearing aids can include a wide range of technical features, for example: directional microphones, Bluetooth connectivity, dual microphones that transmit sounds to both ears for more accurate position detection. Other features can also be:

  • white noise generator for tinnitus sufferers
  • automatic listening programs
  • automatic sound level adjustments for sudden noises,
  • wind noise
  • feedback reduction.

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Prices of top-of-the-range hearing aids

Cost of a top-of-the-range hearing aid

Top of the range hearing aids are the most expensive on the market, precisely because of the cutting-edge technologies they use and the sophistication of environmental sensing systems. The quality of perceived sound is far superior to standard hearing aids, and can considerably improve daily life. Contact one of our specialists to better understand hearing aid price and benefits.

Is it worth spending so much for a hearing aid?

The decision to buy a premium hearing aid is subjective and closely related to your lifestyle and priorities. If your need is to get the highest quality listening in any situation, combined with automatic and customized programs plus digital connectivity, then it is worth spending a substantial amount of money to purchase a top quality device. On the other hand, if the goal is to get great listening (but with fewer options and customization), good quality hearing aids can be purchased in all price ranges.

Financing for hearing aids

To enable everyone to experience the best hearing possible, Amplifon offers hearing aid financing also for top quality models.

The best premium hearing aid models

With premium hearing aids we refer to the latest generation of products. Thanks to digital technology, they have miniaturized technology and are able to receive, analyze sound and therefore return it to the ear clearly and comfortably. There are two types of premium hearing aids: in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE)

Invisible hearing aids: ITE

In in-the-ear hearing aids the receiver is positioned completely inside the ear canal and therefore is almost invisible. These hearing aids are small, lightweight and comfortable, so they are particularly suitable for people who want to hear better without sacrificing style and convenience.

Comfortable hearing aids: BTE

Behind-the-ear hearing aids are positioned behind the ear and conduct the sound into it through a thin, transparent tube connected to a customized earpiece. This type of hearing aid is suitable for medium to severe hearing sensitivities and it is available in a wide range of colors to match complexion and hair color.
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The best hearing aid brands

Amplifon is among the best and most popular hearing aids brands Amplifon models are divided into four families: ampli-mini, ampli-energy, ampli-connect, and ampli-easy. Within these families, you can find products at all price ranges, including premium and latest generation models. Choosing Amplifon is a security, also because it offers the opportunity to try the hearing aid for 30 days free of charge and with no obligation.

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