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With a network of  over 130 hearing clinics in Canada and growing, Amplifon is never far away. If you are experiencing hearing loss and if you'd like to learn more about hearing solutions and hearing aids , please use our clinic locator or have a look at our most frequently searched cities in the list below.  Locate your city , schedule an appoointment and drop in to meet an audiologist or Hearing care professional. 

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Is this your first time struggling to hear? Have you been using hearing aids for long? If you have any difficulties with your hearing, perhaps it’s time you meet an Audiologist/ Hearing care professional near you. We are the global leader in hearing healthcare and it is our mission to help you get a customized hearing aid solution so that you can get back to better hearing. We offer a wide variety of hearing technology and you can learn more about our hearing aids by visiting a Amplifon Hearing Clinic near you.

Hearing Tests for Children

Please note that only select* Amplifon clinic locations are managing hearing tests for children and infants. Kindly contact the clinic closest to you by calling in to learn more. Alternatively you can write to us to request more information.

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As part of the Amplifon Promise, you'll benefit from our complimentary hearing tests and our 90-day money back guarantee assures you of your peace of mind. Reach out for a hearing test and learn more about our hearing aids.

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The latest innovative wearable hearing technology is continually developing and becoming smarter at understanding hearing needs in different environments. At Amplifon, you will find the latest hearing aid technology, suited for you.

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How to protect your hearing

Age-related hearing loss is the most common disease in later life years. An early diagnosis offers very good chances to prevent further restrictions with ear protection and other measures and to possibly preserve hearing.

Different types of hearing loss

The two most common types of hearing loss are volume loss and intelligibility loss. When hearing is lost, high tones are no longer detected by the ear. Volume loss affects spatial perception.

Hearing loss treatments

Implants, surgery and removal of blockages through an operation are a few common treatment methods for hearing loss. A hearing aid is an assitive device that can help combat hearing loss and provide life-long relief. 

Preparing for your appointment

For a week or two before your appointment, make notes about when and where you’re having difficulty with your hearing. This information will be helpful during the discovery process. Set aside an hour and a half for your appointment. It might not take that much time, but planning for a longer appointment is better than feeling stressed because you’re squeezed for time. Invite a family member or close friend to accompany you to the appointment. Besides helping you feel more comfortable, this person can help you remember all the information you’ll be getting and may think of additional questions to ask your provider.

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