The Importance of Hearing Aid Insurance

What insurance to choose for your hearing aids?

Your Amplifon Audiologist/ Hearing care professional accompanies you throughout your hearing aid buying journey and guides you through the third-party funding process. They will consult with you about your funding coverage options and work to make this easy for you by facilitating your application. We are convinced that the price should not be a barrier on the hearing aid purchase, and together, we will find the best solution for you. For additional information, visit our clinics.

The benefits of hearing aids insurance

You can benefit from preferential rates on the prices of hearing aids as well as support for third-party payments. 

Discover Amplifon hearing aids insurance

Amplifon frequently provides updates on the various reimbursements that are made available through provincial and national funding programs. Amplifon also partners with different associations to provide you additional benefits and support. We currently support a wide variety of third-party funding solutions:

  • Alberta Aids for Daily Living
  • Assistive devices program (adp)
  • Canadian armed forces (caf)
  • First Canadian health mgt corp / nihb
  • Greenshield gm
  • Interim federal health program
  • Manitoba health
  • Ministry of social development
  • Ontario disability support program (odsp)
  • Ontario works
  • Royal Canadian mounted police
  • Veterans affairs Canada
  • Workers compensation board 

Enjoy a warranty for your hearing aids

We want to ensure all of our customers experience peace-of-mind with their new hearing aids. This is why we offer a 90-day money back guarantee on all of our products. We also provide a 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty on all of our hearing aids.

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