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The deafness causes problems in many everyday situations. Special challenges for listening are telephone calls, lectures, meetings or concerts. Fortunately, all of these acoustic requirements have small, unobtrusive solutions

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When your hearing is not quite as powerful, it not only affects understanding conversations or enjoying music. With the deafness one of our sensory perceptions is weakened, which means that we may not recognize dangers in time.

Specially designed for the hearing impaired phones, hide the noise and sometimes even directly with the hearing aids can be coupled.

  • Headphones that amplify certain sounds, for example, to allow a particularly high level of music enjoyment.
  • Microphones that look almost like a pen. They can be directly and unobtrusively aligned to the speaker during meetings.
  • Alarm clocks that wake up particularly loud and / or with vibration and light signals. So you will not oversleep guaranteed.

And many more little tools: For all situations of daily life - from the morning alarm bell to the doorbell with light signal acousticians and engineers have developed sophisticated devices. If you encounter acoustically difficult situations in your everyday life, discuss these with your Amplifon Audiologist/ Hearing care professional, You will be amazed at how many clever, small special solutions exist that make life easier around your job and everyday life. Typically, the devices are wireless, high-performance, and small enough to fit in any pocket. An extremely small remote control for controlling the hearing aid in society, for example, an inconspicuous little helper to regulate the hearing aids. A particularly practical offer from Amplifon for smartphone or iPhone users: the app "ReSound Control" for your smartphone. This mini program turns the phone into a remote control for your hearing aids. If you always carry your smartphone with you anyway, you have an ideal control option for your hearing system.

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Get to know the entire range of phones, MP3 and TV. Round off your listening experience with the optimal accessories. Below we present you your options.

Phones for hearing loss

Those who have a lot to call professionally or who like to do it privately can make better calls with specially equipped devices. Your Amplifon hearing  care professional  can present you many interesting solutions around the topic of telephone  for the hard of hearing. There are the classic cord phones and the cordless phones: They have light and vibration signal and an extremely loud ringtone. On these phones, you hear the caller speak loud and clear without his hearing you too loud. Many hearing-impaired phones are technically equipped to transmit the call directly to the hearing aids while reducing noise. 


At Amplifon, we've put together a phone range of high quality branded products that meet a wide variety of needs. A small add-on module also makes it easy to optimize a commercially available mobile phone for the hard of hearing: The tiny device is plugged into the speaker connection of the mobile phone and transmits the call directly to the hearing aids - if they are equipped for wireless reception. This turns the hearing aids into wireless headphone listening. Of course there are also special phones for the hearing impaired. They are extra loud adjustable and connected via Bluetooth to the hearing aid. Which phone is best for you or your family members for those with a hearing loss can be found in the conversation with your acoustician in your Amplifon specialist shop.

Alarm clocks and alerting systems

Getting out of bed early in the morning is not always easy even with perfect hearing. For a hearing impaired, it is particularly difficult because he easily overhears the alarm clock. This is not a problem with hearing aids used in the auditory canal. All other removable hearing aids are discarded overnight. A loud alarm clock is usually not enough. Better are special alarm clocks for the hard of hearing: They work with a loud acoustic alarm signal, with a vibration alarm and bright flashes of light. Since an extremely loud alarm clock awakens the hearing impaired well, but perhaps rudely rips out of sleep with family members sleeping in the room or in the house, the sound can usually be turned off. The very bright flashes of light usually suffice to reliably arouse the sleeping deaf person. After a short period of adjustment, the subconscious mind is trained to associate flashes of lightning with awakening. The possibilities of the various alarm clocks, knows your Amplifon Hearing aid acoustician.

Wireless headphones for your TV 


How loud is the TV set? For the hard of hearing, this is a tiresome topic, which provides with spouse and family again and again for discussions. In the worst case, even with the neighbors. In our Amplifon clinics the question of the maximum TV volume is often discussed. Often, the excessive TV volume is the first indication of what a spouse perceives the hearing problems of the other. The simplest solution is of course a headphone. Ideally, the TV headphone is wireless. The offer for TV headphones is now unmanageably large.


We at Amplifon have therefore selected branded products that are particularly well suited to the everyday hearing impaired: All headphones are wireless and easily controlled. The better-hearing spouse can hear the TV set as normal on the TV speaker. In the meantime, the hearing impaired simply regulates the volume on their headphones - not perceptible to the other people in the room. Even the undisturbed listening to music can best be controlled via a headset: Wireless headphones that also fit the MP3 player and the stereo system, can often do even more: Certain models can also be used with the MP3 player, the stereo, the computer and in addition to using the phone. 

Personal amplifiers

Those who hear less often feel insecure in the house. That is why it is important to give you the good feeling of security. That the smoke detector could possibly be overheard is a problem that can be solved. At Amplifon, we offer a high quality system that connects the smoke detector to optical signaling equipment. That means: No matter where there is a smoke detector signal in the house, you see it. The flash signals can be attached to any room. With a universal transmitter many other signaling devices can be networked throughout the house: a baby monitor, the doorbell, the telephone, an alarm mat, a water sensor or door and window safety contacts. You decide what you should report where in the house. All alarms are wireless and work with light pulse, vibration, light icon or sound.


Get advice from your Amplifon specialist shop to find the ideal solution for your living situation.

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