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Amplifon is a  global leader in hearing healthcare with over 10,000 clinics in 29 countries. With 70 years of experience, we’ve served more than 5 million satisfied customers, developing a deep understanding of how to care for customer needs. By choosing Amplifon Canada, you’re choosing to be cared for by qualified hearing professionals, who are here to help you get back to better hearing. Visit one of our clinics for a hearing test and learn more about the technology behind the hearing aids.


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We bring you the most sophisticated technology across a range of hearing aid types with price options to fit your budget. After conducting a hearing test, our hearing care professionals are able to guide you with relevant & timely advice. 

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We take the time to understand your hearing health and the impact it’s having on your life . Our hearing solutions are designed just for you so you feel comfortable wearing and using your hearing aids everyday. Visit a Amplifon Hearing Clinic today.

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What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is the partial or total inability to hear. It’s a common problem that can affect anyone. Also referred to as hearing impairment or deafness, hearing loss covers a wide range of categories and symptoms which can be caused by a variety of factors and circumstances.

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