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Amplifon means expert advice and care and as a global leader in hearing healthcare, we work with you to get you back to better hearing. Your hearing professionals in Thunder Bay, ON are there every step of the way to identify the best solution for you. 

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Could It Be Hearing Loss?

Often, hearing loss comes on slowly and you may have difficulty recognizing the signs. Do you struggle in any of the listening environments below?

  • Have difficulty understanding phone conversations
  • Are misunderstanding words on TV and in real life
  • Have greater trouble understanding what women and children are saying
  • Are having problems following conversations in noisy environments

If so, we can provide you support. By taking a complimentary hearing test at your local Amplifon clinic, you can understand more about your hearing health. After that, our hearing care professionals will work with you to create a tailor-made solution, fit perfectly to your individual needs.

Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid
Amplifon Hearing Aids

Our range of hearing aids come in a variety of different styles and are designed to be as sleek and discreet as possible to help you hear the world around you in clear clarity.

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The Amplifon Promise in Thunder Bay

At Amplifon Canada, we understand how changes to your hearing could make certain situations more stressful, and we're here to address your concerns. With our support, you can improve your quality of life and feel more confident as you explore the world around you. We offer you a complimentary hearing test, which is quick and easy, and will help us better understand your hearing health. If we do discover a hearing loss, we’ll offer a customized solution.

With our 90-day money back guarantee, you can have peace of mind with your hearing aid purchase. If after 90 days you are no longer happy, you can return your hearing aids with no questions asked. At Amplifon Canada, we're proud to offer ongoing care for your ears and hearing aids. If you come in for a checkup, we'll clean your hearing aid, replace any batteries, and make sure everything fits correctly. Our clinic proudly provides comprehensive services, and we make customer satisfaction a top priority. 

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